America is truly a great country and I want my children to know how blessed they are to live here. I believe in respecting order, but I also believe in free speech, and America can only exist if both of these are properly functioning. There is nothing more heated in the news right now than the Presidential Inauguration. I am not here to discuss political parties or debatable issues. There are moments in our lives when it is better to look above the people, whether we agree with their policies or not, and trust in the Institution created by our Founding Fathers. America is great, no matter what anyone may tell us. It was created with the desire to promote the welfare of all persons – which was a relatively new historical concept for that time.

As Americans in the 21st century, we need to appreciate the beauty of our system, rather than focusing on only the negatives. The Founding Fathers created a system of government with a smooth transition of power. This is something we should never take for granted. Those who have a desire to protest or boycott have every right to do so, but when it comes down to a peaceful system – we have been given a gift. And it truly is a gift, because in many parts of the world, the transition of power from one leader to another creates extreme violence, but in America, our biggest concern is the boycotting of the Inauguration. What a blessing that in America, I don’t have to fear a potential military coup, or worry for my family’s security.

America gives us the ability to choose the life we desire to live. Let’s choose, with gratitude, a just life for the common good.

I choose to be patriotic and believe in this great Nation.

I choose what’s best for my family, even if the whole world is falling apart outside my door.

I choose to look for the good in people, rather than judge people solely based on their opinions or political beliefs.

I choose to educate my children with a deep understanding of God’s love and mercy for all.

I choose a life that revolves around others, rather than myself – actions speak louder than words.

I choose to be a positive force in a world full of violence and unrest. We need more people who will counter the unhappiness.

I am grateful for a country where my children have the opportunity to use their talents to the best of their ability.

I am grateful for the military men and women, past and present, who protect America with their passionate hearts and devoted souls.

I am grateful that America recognizes and protects my inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – many governments across the globe refuse to even acknowledge these rights.

I am grateful that my voice can be heard, while respecting the voices of others.

I am grateful that generations of hard-working Americans have created a country with access to an unlimited amount of daily amenities and luxuries – I will not take these for granted.

The United States of America may be a divided nation with many differing political and religious beliefs, but this is what makes us great. The riots and political boycotts will always be part of our political process, because neither political party will ever be happy at the same time, yet this is the silver-lining of our Government, so we all move forward ready to fight another day – that is who we are, we are Americans.

Danielle Silva

Danielle Marie Heckenkamp is a stay at home mom and freelance writer who lives in the beautiful state of Wisconsin with her husband and four children. Danielle Marie is the co-author of Provocative Manners: The Sauce of Life, a book about common sense and manners. She is working to complete her first novel. Danielle Marie’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to owning and operating several small businesses in the past 10 years (a floral company, an art studio, and a not for profit), but with the birth of baby number four, she is now focusing more on family life. Danielle Marie spends any small coveted moment of quiet, which are pretty rare, writing about her passions: children, motherhood, marriage, and cooking. You can read more of her articles at