What Kind Of Mom Are You?

Have you ever wondered what kind of mom you are? Of course not. But why should that stop you from taking a quiz to find out.

1.Your favorite saying is…

A. go ahead and eat it off the floor. A little bit of dirt is good for the immune system.

B. go outside and play and don’t come back till supper.

C. I swear, I can’t have nothin’. You kids don’t even know what to do unless you’re making a mess.

D. you can’t wear that headband with those shoes!

E. the chorus to whatever song is currently on repeat in your mind.

2. When you take the kids to the park you can be found…

A. helping your child find the best sticks for building a pretend fire.

B. You’re not at the park. Your backyard is the park and that’s the only park you’ll be taking the kids to.

C. chatting it up with the other moms while simultaneously making sure your child doesn’t hit anyone with the stick in his hand.

D. yelling at your kids to keep their shoes on and to put down those sticks.

E. sitting at the top of the jungle gym.

3. When your kid asks for a drink you give them…

A. Water

B. Kool-Aid

C. Whatever is currently in the fridge which means their choices are soda that lost its fizz two days ago, enough orange juice for one kid, milk that expires tomorrow, a half empty juice box, and water

D. Organic water

E. Ginseng Tea

4. For you, date night means…

A. listening to your husband play the guitar as you accompany him on tambourine.

B. dropping the kids off at grandmas while you go the movies and Dairy Queen afterwards.

C. trying to find a dress that is still considered stylish and sneaking out the door so your kids won’t cry all over your dress.

D. your husband surprised you by arranging for a babysitter to come over and making reservations at an only reservations restaurant.

E. going to the old opera house to catch a remake of something.

5. You take a shower…

A. once a week…as a family

B. every other day

C. you consider the water that gets splashed on you when you bathe the children and wash dishes as a shower, so quite often

D. every day

E. no one is really sure because you always smell of incense and candles

6. Your pets consist of…

A. three + dogs, a few cats, a groundhog named Gus and family of raccoons

B. one dog, one cat, and the occasional hamster or fish

C. one dog or one cat or one of each

D. a pure bred that goes by the name Jackson Jefferson

E. a snake or a bird or some other pet shop animal that requires extra care

7. Your favorite place to vacation is…

A. the mountains or down by the river

B. anywhere the station wagon will take you

C. the closest beach

D. South Florida or any beach out of the country

E. you’re always on vacation…in your mind.

8. For lunch you give the kids…

A. pickles that were canned from cucumbers that you grew in your own garden

B. bologna or cheese sandwiches and chips

C. a hodge podge of what you’ve got laying around and needs to be eaten up before it goes bad like some lunchmeat from late last week, some day-old bananas, and last night’s dinner

D. a variety of fruits, veggie, dairy, and protein cut up into little shapes and displayed in a Bento box

E. a variety of snack foods that can all be eaten with just their hands


If you got mostly…

A’s you’re an Earthy Mama

B’s you’re an Eighties Mom

C’s you’re an Everyday Mom

D’s you’re a Fancy Mom 

E’s you’re a Quirky Mom




Sherry White

Sherry White writes about the messiness of life, parenting, and faith at her blog The Messy Christian. She tries to add her own brand of humor and insight into everyday issues we all face, reminding us that even though we find ourselves in countless messes, God’s grace lights the way. She would be thrilled if you follower her on Facebook and Instagram.