Just keep reaching out. Even if the fallout isn’t your fault. Even if they don’t text or call back. Even if you feel like you’re the only one trying.

When you find a best friend who you grow extremely close with, the changing of seasons in each of your lives makes it challenging. Chances are, you’re going to be in the same phase, and then you blink. All of a sudden, you’re going to be in two completely different stages of life.

You’re not sure when or how it happened so fast, but you still want to hold onto that precious friendship. But it’s harder now. Your lives look very different. Not only that, but feelings of being behind or too far ahead will cause some strain. As much as you love each other, innocent jealousy will arise.

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One will establish a career first. One will party longer. One is going to get married first. One will enjoy the dating scene for longer. One will have kids first. One will travel more.

Each will be living their life to the fullest in a completely different way than the other is. And each person will wonder if they should be in the other person’s phase in life. A wedge will be created. There may be a fallout. 

The friendships you created a decade or more ago are priceless. You each still love the other to the fullest. It’s just hard to understand each other’s lives because you’re not in them. You will have less time for each other, you will feel like your paths don’t cross as much.

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But relationships have ups and downs, and inside, each of the two people craves that friendship that once was—no matter what form it has to take as the seasons of life change. 

Support each other, listen to each other, make time for each other. Mark a friendship date on your calendar in pen and stick to it. If that person means that much to you, keep the friendship alive. Just keep reaching out.

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