Instagram is definitely my social media outlet of choice. I love so many things about it. The little squares that I scroll through encourage me to be kind, be creative, love the Lord more, and laugh. The squares allow me to see others who are farther along in their craft than I am. I love being encouraged to learn more and explore more.

For me though, I have one major problem with social media – especially Instagram. My life doesn’t always look like that I find (and post) on Instagram. I don’t always have the freshest floral bouquet. I don’t always have my table set perfectly with the most beautifully written place cards. I don’t always have my kids smiling and dressed in the perfect clothes. I don’t always decorate a cake that looks like a professional baker made it. I definitely don’t always have on the best outfit from my closet and my hair down – meaning not in a messy bun.

I do love fresh bouquets – usually from Trader Joes because they are cheap. I do love calligraphy – but I don’t post my mistakes. If I don’t like something, I don’t post it. I do love my boys, so yes they will always be on there – but rarely do I put one of them having a classic temper tantrum. I do love to cook – but don’t have all the equipment to take the perfect picture of a beautifully crafted plate of food with the perfect staging. I simply don’t have the time to do it.

And here’s what I’ve learned: my heart is at stake.

1. My heart battles with comparison. Sometimes I want the life of the creative mom who does have the time to set the perfect table, have the Magnolia perfect home (Chip and JoJo to the rescue), and always puts on the best outfit without fear of getting kids’ sticky hands all over it. God has given me one life, and I can’t compare it with others. Every one I know is walking the path that God has put them on. God is perfect and has a perfect plan for our lives (individually). As Jeremiah 29:11 says in one translation – plans for our wholeness.

2. My heart battles with contentment. And right now, the only time I might have my hair down out of a messy bun is on date night, but I probably will still wear it up. Right now, we eat out a lot or eat plenty of leftovers – so I rarely have that gorgeous plate of food. I am still learning my creative skills, so I want to be better and better and better. Contentment is a good thing for my heart. Not that I will not have the desire to grow and learn – but that I will choose not to run ahead of God and His perfect plan for my life.

3. God has charge of my heart. He is the one who says to protect my heart against all ungodliness. Guard it for from it flows LIFE. Love Him more than I love social media, creativity, and followers. So, instead of banishing all social media outlets, I bring my cries and my concerns to His thrown, I confess and repent, and then use my social media outlets to do good and encourage others.

Even if my flowers are dying a bit and my kid’s hair is a mess and I’m wearing yoga pants for the 9th day in a row.

Kimberly Campbell

Kimberly Campbell is a wife of one, mother to two energetic toddler boys, and a creative. She currently lives in the Atlanta area with her family. A lover of the South and all its charm, she loves to travel, do photography, write, cook, and stay fit so she can go down slides and run with her boys. Being a creative in all things, she loves to display the gospel in her home, friendships, and in her creative outlets. She blogs regularly over at