I’ve read so many memes with jokes re: the Corona Virus. I’ve found several funny, but as a nurse this is the “real life” I get to witness…

A daughter…standing outside her mother’s room writing to her on a notepad through the window in the cold!! 

I cried.

It broke my heart to witness that, but at the same time I was in awe.

Some families are upset about the protocols that have been put in place. This woman showed grace. Instead of being “mad” she came to talk/visit her momma like she does every night…

Today, she did it through a window.

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She knew I took her picture and I have permission to share.

As I came to the window she said “are you all OK. in there” which made me cry more! “Yes, we are OK, just trying to keep everyone safe.”

It made her mom’s day too!

THIS IS love and I’m SO happy I captured this moment!

Via Misty Yeryar (shared with permission)

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