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Mama. Mom. Mother.

We are the holders of toys sidelined on a walk, jackets shed within minutes of going outside, and half-eaten snacks.

We are the defenders of bad dreams, closet monsters, and broken hearts.

We are the comforters of skinned knees, tummy aches, and fears.

We are the up all night, rocking until my arm is numb-ers. We are the wait up until the door clicks and you are home safe-ers. We are the let’s talk it out or just sit here together until you are ready-ers. 

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We are the run on a lot of prayer and caffeine-ers.

We are the teachers of kindness, faith, and grace. 

We are the listeners, the protectors, the short-order cooks, and the hard-lesson givers. 

We are the mamas. 

But, you my child, test my patience to the core, yet teach me resilience for the journey ahead.

You, my child . . . you love big and forgive easily.

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You, my child, remind me to slow down and remember that these moments in life are fleeting, but laundry will always be there, 

You, my child, remind me that pure belly laughs, impromptu silliness, and kitchen dance parties are the secret sauce to life.

You, my child, make me prouder than you’ll ever know.

You, my child, are my greatest joy . . . my biggest challenge . . . my ultimate vocation . . . my baby . . . the beat of my heart.

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Jamie Mohrman

I'm a new-ish mama. A lover of comedy, coffee, wine and popcorn! From writing letters to my grandparents as a kid, to starting a blog, writing to create joy or inspire others is a piece of my DNA.

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