Love is in the air, red hearts decorate shop windows and pink bags of high fructose corn syrup line the candy aisle. It’s Valentine’s Day! If this year finds you celebrating a sleep deprived mother here are 10 romantic gifts she is sure to love.

  1. A full night of sleep. If the baby doesn’t take a bottle or refuses formula in the night this can pose quite a challenge to a mom’s sleep cycle. Be sure to search your local online yard sale page for a wet nurse. There is bound to be a lactating woman within a 10 mile radius.
  2. Netflix and Nap. Give her an entire half day of binge watching her favorite show and then a nap for the rest of the day. A full on eyes shut, REM filled, curtains closed, dreamy, under the covers nap. It will likely be the most unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift to date.
  3. Romantic Dinner. Treat her to a dinner where the only digestive system she thinks about is her own. The menu doesn’t especially matter she just needs a meal where she uses both hands, wipes only one mouth and burps only one person.
  4. She may be too bashful to admit it but she really wants some sexy new yoga pants. Not that the old ones look bad or because she plans to attend an actual yoga class, it’s just because they make her feel so attractive.
  5. Spa Day. Spoil her with a day in the shower. No need for soap or a razor, just a solid 45 minutes with her face in the spray of the shower head. It will revitalize her senses and prepare her for another three weeks of interrupted sleep.
  6. Valentine’s Day Card. If you have both decided that this sweet baby is the last one to join your family, spoil her with a little appointment card from your doctor’s office with the date and time of your upcoming vasectomy.
  7. Bedroom Toys. Let her know you care by giving her a toy she can stash in her nightstand so she always has something on hand to soothe a teething baby.
  8. The sleep deprived woman always appreciates one more thing to take care of so get her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and let her watch them slowly wilt into a neglected heap of wasted money.
  9. Be sure to lavish her with the finest chocolate money can buy and if she is nursing, it will be your responsibility to change the diapers on February 15th.
  10. Every mother will be dazzled at your thoughtfulness of a watch. She will marvel at the ease of using the Indigo night light to tell if she is awake at 2, 3, or 4 a.m.

So there you have it, 10 romantic gift ideas for the woman in your life who selflessly gives her whole heart and soul to that bundle of neediness and joy.

Amy Rondeau

Amy Rondeau grew up in southern California writing stories and talking too much. She strapped pointe shoes to her feet for five Nutcrackers and applied 3,742 eyelashes for various musical theatre performances. She currently uses her words at Herstory, Facebook and Storia as well as posting YouTube videos for her eleven adoring subscribers. She has moved around the globe with her military husband seven times in nine years and three people call her mom. Her greatest achievements in life include asking her doctor for selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, roller-skating and shopping for groceries online. Find her website here: