It’s no secret that dads are the hardest loved ones to shop for when it comes to finding the perfect gift.

To help with your gifting woes, we asked our team for some of their tried-and-true dad gifts, and this is what they came up with:

1. Dad Grill Set
This grill set has dad written all over it . . . literally. Just in case you forget who the real grill master is in your house.


2. Barbeque Spice and Rub Set
Throw these spices and rubs in with the grilling utensils above, and he’ll be ready to make you and the whole family dinner. It’s a win-win!

3. Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker
Have a husband who loves a good cup of coffee but won’t stop at the coffee shop? #TeamHerView Dads use their Keurigs religiously on those early mornings when they are up and about chasing kids before the crack of dawn.

4. What I Love About Dad Journal
This fill-in-the-blank book is short and sweet, and will capture any dad’s heart. What guy doesn’t want to be reminded of all of the things that make him great? Plus, kids say the darndest things and some of the prompt responses are sure to leave all of you laughing.


5. Engraved Hammer
This is the perfect gift for the handyman of the house. Who knows, having a personalized hammer might just make him more apt to work on some of those honey-dos. 


6. Beer Brewing Kit
For some dads, the only thing better than a nice cold beer at the end of a long day is the satisfaction of knowing that they brewed it themselves!

7. Suede Slippers
Give dad an excuse to kick up his feet with these cozy (but perfectly manly!) slippers. He deserves it!

Men's slippers loafers


8. Yeti Thermos
This thermos will keep his coffee hot or his water ice cold for hours no matter what he’s doing. 


9. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Now dad can listen to the game on the go. This Bluetooth speaker can connect straight to his phone, and if it accidentally gets wet—no sweat! It’s waterproof, too.


10. Air Fryer
This is great for the health-conscious dad who still likes to indulge in fried foods. With this, he can enjoy the crunch without all of the grease.


11. Toilet Golf
If he gets tired of surfing his phone during those conveniently timed bathroom trips, he can practice his putting game instead. Bonus: the whole family will get a kick out of watching him open this particular gift.



12. Novelty Socks
Socks—because what’s a stocking without, well, a pair of stockings in it? These toe-huggers beat the boring ones he’s used to wearing.


13. Leather Laptop Bag
For the dad who always has his laptop in tow, this leather messenger bag is the perfect replacement for that beat up old bag he has hung onto for just a little too long.


14. Portable Cell Charger
Phone batteries just don’t seem to last—especially with kids around. This battery pack has enough ports to charge two devices at once, so he’ll always be ready for a quick recharge.

15 Heated Massage Chair Pad
Give him the gift of a massage that doesn’t require an appointment. He can use this to unwind a bit in his office chair, in the car, on the couch . . . just about anywhere!


16. Dad Joke Book
This handy little book will keep his dad joke game strong. We wouldn’t want him to lose the ability to make everyone in the family roll their eyes with his corny (yet endearing) humor, would we?

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