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Hurt people, hurt people.

Healed people, heal people.

I knew I needed to heal so that I could rid the darkness in my mind, thoughts, and heart and not be prickly like a porcupine to others.

I prayed this day would come and honestly wasn’t sure it would. In the midst of pain, I couldn’t imagine ever being able to say that I was grateful for the pain. I knew I needed to heal but felt helpless in doing anything about my condition. I lived in a jungle, mostly isolated from others except from my family, and distant from modern healthcare systems that so many depend on these days for these issues.

I use to want to go back in history and change the events that hurt me but now I wouldn’t change it for anything. I like the new me. It stripped me bare of my ugly hidden side like a diamond polished by a jeweler. I discovered who I was, the good and the bad. But most importantly, I have gained wisdom that comes from perseverance. I want to share this wisdom with you today.

What I learned through depression and anxiety and encouragement for those still in their dark tunnel.

  • I won’t allow my feelings to bluff me anymore. They are just feelings, harmless, and they come and go.
  • Nothing is more important on earth than people and spending time with others is never a waste of time.
  • I’ve developed patience by enduring circumstances out of my control.
  • All people are interesting and I ache to know all people better.
  • My faith is growing.
  • I tend to expect too much of myself and need to remind myself of that often.
  • I am an extrovert who has learned to love being alone.
  • Female hormones affect my feelings but I can be aware of this and choose to not use it as an excuse.
  • Wisdom comes from going through fire. Knowledge comes from school. They are different.
  • I have a more keen awareness of my complicated self in that I am spiritual, emotional, and physical and all three are balanced to keep me sane.
  • Pain creates greater empathy for a greater number of people.
  • I can accept that in this life there will be people who don’t like me.
  • I do not have to work at making people like me.
  • It’s okay to cry in public.
  • Cold cucumbers help puffy eyes from crying all night.
  • Nature, food, loving people, music, flowers, and all other things that please our senses were given to us to heal us.
  • I need more sleep in life.
  • My husband will love me in the good and bad.
  • Animals remind me of the complexity of our creator and creation.
  • All people have an aura, a soul, that attracts and draws others to themselves.
  • There are people who know how to love and there are people who do not.
  • I can love all people. I know I can.
  • I need more quiet in life and will always have to fight to find it.
  • Life should be slower and less busy so that we have more time for others.
  • I will live God’s purpose out in my life whether I feel happy or sad.
  • I don’t have to be happy.
  • It’s okay to feel sad even if it’s for months or years.
  • I can accept anything that comes my way whether I like it or not.
  • Rejection is evil and no-one should go through it.
  • Social media is not good or bad in itself. It depends on the user. I used it for good and have made numerous good friends!
  • Forgiveness is facing the anger and bitterness is running away.
  • Being victorious in depression is a choice but the fruit of that choice may not be seen for months or years.
  • I’m forgiven by Jesus. I will forgive others.
  • Sometimes being brave means doing nothing.
  • Feeling the full range of emotions means I’m alive!
  • Helping others heals me.
  • I believe in God even when I don’t feel Him.
  • I am no longer naive. I take longer to bring others into my inner circle but that’s okay.
  • During times of depression, it is hard to empathize and love others though not impossible.
  • Obsessive minds can accomplish lots in this life when the obsessed mind learns to aim and calm it.
  • I am full throttle ahead and not good at going slow.
  • What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. It’s a good song.
  • I don’t have to agree with others on everything to enjoy being with them.
  • I worship God when I meet new people. I love peeling back the layers.
  • I can be friendly to all people even when I know they don’t like me.
  • My depression made me a better mother.
  • My depression made my children better people and did not damage them.
  • I couldn’t have done any of this without prayer, faith, and confidence in who I am as a created loved being. That is why I know how valuable you are too!
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Ann Hall

Ann is a woman who has lived in 10 countries while pursuing her second passion, writing in a way that enhances the life of all who read it through putting intimate pieces of her life’s success on www.acoffeewithfriends.com. What sets her apart from the million other writers in the world is that her experiences are unique. She has chosen a life of hardship in order to follow her passion as a nurse practitioner meeting the needs of the poorest of the poor. Uprooting her family, moving across the world to a third world country, beginning a successful international organization to impact thousands in need in Asia, are just examples of the “schooling” she’s received over the years. Her husband of 20 years shares the same passion and together they have committed their lives to fulfilling God’s plan alongside their 4 children.  Her personal experiences include enduring and successfully overcoming, burnout, depression, and anxiety developing character and wisdom to share. She truly believes to climb out of a deep emotional well and become successful, it helps to have a friend who has climbed out before.

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