1. Be authentic 
People aren’t buying your product. They’re buying YOU. Can they trust you? Can they take your advice? Do they like you? Do they like what you’re doing? Are you trying to push a product on them just to make money, or are you GENUINELY trying to share something with them that will benefit them personally? Why? Why do they need this product? What can it do for THEM? People can smell BS a mile a way, so don’t try to feed them any. I promise, they will run the other direction.

If you want your business to stand apart from the rest, YOU have to stand apart from the rest. There are plenty of phonies out there. My word, don’t fall into the trap of being another one. The world doesn’t need that! God gave you a specific purpose and a specific personality—USE IT! You do you, girl, and others will follow. Be the real deal female. 

2. Be consistent 
Hey, guess what, boss babes? If you don’t take time for your business, your business isn’t going to take time for you. You aren’t going to earn a dime simply because you took a step through the front door. Show up, then step up every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you aren’t consistently giving to your business, people will forget about you. It’s harsh, but it’s honest. Push your feelings aside and just get to work: happy, sad, motivated, discouraged, it doesn’t matter. Dream big and then work bigger. Change comes from what you do regularly, not from what you do occasionally.

3. Be resilient  
Maaaaaan, this one is tough. We start a business with a lot of expectations. And when reality doesn’t quite live up to those expectations, we get discouraged and go home. We throw in the towel, we cash out. We fall down and WE STAY DOWN. This is business. It’s hard. Climbing to the top is WORK. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Every successful person has one thing in common: THEY DIDN’T GIVE UP. They knew their potential, and they just went for it. And then went for it again. And again. And again. 

4. Be bold 
Success isn’t for the timid. It isn’t for the mild. It isn’t for the person standing in the corner, too afraid to get off the wall. Success is for the girl willing to MOVE, and go and do and be. Try something new, put yourself out there, BE BRAVE. Gold never just falls into anyone’s lap. Gold belongs to those with the guts to go after it.

You may fall. Do it anyway. You may get hurt. Do it anyway. People may stare. DO IT ANYWAY. You aren’t doing it for those haters. You are doing it for your finances. You are doing it for your family. You are doing it for you. Remember your “why” and let that fuel you into greatness. Let that launch you and motivate you and keep you running. It’s comfortable to stay in the shallow end, but that’s not where God intended us to live. He intended for us to swim into the riches of all that He has for us. Way out in the deep end.

5. Be passionate
Picture this: there are two rooms. One room is full of loud music, people dancing and laughing and living. People are EXCITED to be there. In the other room, everyone is just standing around, staring at their phones, waiting around. Nobody is smiling, nobody is moving. Nobody seems like they really want to be there. Which room are you drawn to? Which room do you want to be a part of? Energy is contagious. HAVE ENERGY and those around you will catch it. Those around you will want what you have. Those around you will be better because you’re in their lives. And if you can make their lives better, there’s a good chance that they are going to jump head first into whatever you are doing. 

BONUS: Be a know-it-all
First and foremost, know yourself. What are you good at? Where do you thrive? What are your gifts? You can’t know how to use who you are, without knowing who you are first. You can’t know how to use your talents if you don’t know even what they are first. Let your personality and your purpose collide with your passion, and YOU WILL SOAR. On the flip side, know the areas where you need work, and then get to work. Be better.

Know your audience. What do they like? What do they need? What will speak to them? THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU, so get to know the people this is about: your customers, your followers, your friends.

Know your products. Know what you’re selling. Know your numbers, the ins and outs. Be the girl people trust BECAUSE SHE KNOWS HER STUFF. And knows the value of what she’s doing. Because she knows the value of herself.

Originally published on In & Out Beauty by Amy

Amy Weatherly

I want women to find one thing in this group: fulfillment and freedom in the fact that they are loved and worthy, and that they have an essential role to play in God's kingdom. I want them to rest in the knowledge that THEY MATTER. They are absolutely essential to God's master plan. And as they begin to sink into their roles, and memorize their lines, I want them to take a deep breath, and discover the courage to step out onto that stage. Follow Amy on her group page In & Out Beauty by Amy.