We all want to be successful in life – and what that means for each of us is completely different. However, I’ve come to realize that there are some pretty important factors in being successful and there’s a lot more to it than achieving your goals.

Here are 5 key things you need to ask yourself to help you determine if you’re successful:

1 – Happiness. This is the biggest one by far. We all know the importance of being happy and I’d argue that real success is impossible without it. Of course we aren’t happy all the time – we all have our bad moments and bad days. But you should definitely be happier more often than anything else.

2 – Health. Our health is such an important part of our lives. It seriously controls so much – if you’re unhealthy you can be less productive, more stressed and all around sluggish. But a successful person also understands that health is far more than just the food you put in your mouth. Your physical and mental health have the same priority.

3 – Understanding of Wealth. We all know that money doesn’t mean happiness. A successful person is well aware of this, but they also understand the importance of having a grasp on their finances and have a complete picture of their financial health.

4 – You Smile. A successful person smiles, often. A smile means so much and can totally change someone’s day. It is incredibly powerful and a successful person knows that.

5 – You do RAK’s. What’s an RAK you ask? It’s a Random Act of Kindness and they can be big or small. It could be as simple as helping someone with their groceries, giving someone else in need an item, baking a dish for a friend who is a little overwhelmed… they are gestures of kindness with no expectation of receiving anything in return.

So how successful are you? Do you have any of these factors and do you agree? Perhaps you have a different understanding of what makes someone successful? I’d love to hear it!!

Krystal Kleidon

My name is Krystal and I am a first time mum. I'm a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend (sometimes neglectful) and a paramedic. I live in a small country town in Queensland Australia and am the first Australian contributor to Her View From Home – something I am very proud and excited about. I love my Australian culture and lifestyle and you’ll have to promise to cut me a little slack when you see me writing things like ‘mum’ instead of ‘mom’. I'm the creator and editor at Project Hot Mess, a site dedicated to empowering women and encouraging them to embrace who they are in their own perfect way. Even if that means running late with a cold cup of coffee in hand and not brushing your hair for 3 days (that's what dry shampoo is for right..?).