I celebrated a birthday this past week. I celebrated 48 years, to me another milestone, and I contemplated and thought and thought and contemplated. Why? Why? Why? 

Why do I want a chocolate donut with pretty little sprinkles instead of a Slim Fast bar? Throw the carrots out the door, the squirrels will enjoy them and bring me a plate of cookies. STAT!

Why did it take until my 40s to slow down, relax and read a book to my kids? Naw, I still hate reading books to my kids. I have to force myself to read so my Kindergartner can reach his Book It goal but I sure love snuggle time. Man, I’ve been at this Book It thing for 100 years!

What the heck happened to my Hair Bands?  I saw Motley Crue almost 30 years ago, they’re on tour again? Wait, what? How did I go from “Shout at the Devil” to “She thinks My Tractor’s Sexy?” Country? Really? I never saw that one coming.

Why did I own that big bulky TV for 20 years? We got a flat screen, a large one, for Christmas. The color was distorted, it was small in comparison to most TVs owned today and wow, I can actually see the words. Warning! Once you reach 40, it’s true – your eyesight is the first to go.

I’m using zit cream again under my wrinkle cream. Why, why, why? Who the hell said hormonal teenage girls are the worst have never met a hormonal 40+ year woman with cramps, late for work, and wet hair. 

Why did it take us so long to realize that a hand full of sincere besties is so much better than a room full of fake “chesties.”  It’s finally dawned on us, in our 40s, that we have no one to impress than ourselves. Boobs sag, butts droop, wrinkles are inevitable, but best friends are forever.

Why in my 40s have my taste in men changed. I don’t think it was a drastic change, it was more of a transition over several years.  Why do I find Will Farrell more appealing than Marky Mark?(Yes, I saw Daddy’s Home.) Don’t get me wrong, Mark’s not bad on the eyes, but he’s not the “settle down homebody warm fuzzy cuddle up with a blankie on a cold night” type if ya know what I mean. Unless that’s what you’re looking for, then more power to you!

Since we are discussing men, boyfriend? Single in your 40s? Maybe we shouldn’t go there, but what the heck! Is your man still called your “boyfriend” if you’re dating in your 40s? Personally, I think it sounds silly. Is he my man, significant other, mate, lover? ACK! Moving on!

Big question!  Jennifer Anniston, who looks like that? I guess it was more of a statement. I still watch Friends over and over again. Rachel doesn’t have one wrinkle, perfect hair, and success. She has a flaw somewhere, right? The woman doesn’t age! Seriously, it’s so unfair!

 A synopsis to all women in their 40s or about to embark on your 40th? Celebrate! EAT CAKE! Slow down, no one cares what Vince Neil looks like anymore. No one worries about Ms. Anniston’s latest love interest, you are going to get a wrinkle or two this year, and chances are you’re going to need a refill of that glass of wine.  Inhale love, exhale confidence. Find a handful of women you can honestly trust. Splurge, read a good book, find a good man, stay with a good man, sit on the porch, listen to your heart, listen to your kids, and love yourself.

Cynthia Smith Huhman

I am a mother of 5 children, with a difference of 20+ years from the oldest to the youngest. I’m a new grandma to a beautiful baby boy! I have worked in the broadcast business for 9 years; I’m putting myself through college, studying marketing and leadership, and I’m a self-proclaimed big mouth for Tourette syndrome and developmentally disabled. Previously divorced; I now co-parent with my significant other of 12+ years, in 2 separate homes. Unconventional, but with a combined total of 8 kids… his, hers, and little ours it works for us! I live for my coffee & vanilla chai. I love to teach my daughter new crafts & inspiring her creativity. I enjoy my gardening, cooking, wandering around the hills with my camera, and writing. You can also find me at my new blog http://momofmanytoes.weebly.com/ My motto: Pick yourself up and keep on moving!