Come, sweet girls, come sit with me.
It’s time to know the story of how you came to be.

Two sweet, perfect babies so very loved
are watched over by the most beautiful angel, high, high above.

That angel is your mommy, do you know what that means?
She lives in Heaven and she visits you in your dreams.

She wished for you and prayed each day
that Jesus would send her the sweetest little girls who’d love to play.

They’d have cute little fingers and perfect wiggly toes
with happy little giggles and the cutest little nose.

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To dress up in bows and ribbons and lace
with big beautiful eyes and the sweetest little face.

She whispered to you in her belly right from the start.
She told you she loved you with all of her heart.

She didn’t want to leave . . . she’d stay if she could.
But Heaven needed an angel and your mommy understood.

What is Heaven? It’s a place as beautiful as can be.
That’s where your mommy is now, watching over you and watching over me.

She’s high in the sky and sees you from above.
She finds so many ways to show you her love.

She holds your hand and kisses your cheek.
She’s there when you sleep, she always takes a peek.

She’s in the soft gentle breeze that rustles your hair,
and in the warm shining sun, she is always right there.

Even though you can’t see her, she is close beside you.
Close your eyes, and you’ll feel her ready to guide you.

Purple is her favorite color, maybe it’ll be your favorite too.
You can pick her some flowers, pink, yellow and maybe some blue.

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Her star is the biggest and twinkles so bright.
She dances around Heaven all day and all night.

Your mommy is your angel in Heaven so high.
Look and you’ll see her shining in the sky.

She looks like a princess in her sparkly white dress.
Her wings are made of feathers and her smile, it’s the best.

Even though you wish you could be together.
Feel her in your heart, that’s where she’ll stay forever.

She’d want you to remember how she loves you so
Way, way more than you could ever know.

So go and grow and be happy.
Your mommy is your angelright by you, she’ll always be.

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Jennifer Marcinczyk

My name is Jennifer Marcinczyk, and I am a SAHM to a 22, 20, and 17-year-old. I choose to continue to stay home so I can be available whenever needed or simply for a last-minute lunch date when one of the kids are home. Being a mom is my job, but it's more than that; it's my heart's calling. 

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