In the still and quiet of the night, long after her children have slept in their beds, the mother gazes at them with a mother’s gaze.

A mother’s gaze is filled with awe. How could such beautiful creatures be her creation? How could something so tiny be so perfect and so precious? She can’t imagine a sight more peaceful than her children sleeping their innocent sleep, unaware of the world outside, tucked in the comfort of their own little world.

In a mother’s gaze, there is pride. She, along with her children, has come so far in this journey of motherhood. They are all growing as they go along, learning something new in the process, and teaching her something new each and every day. They are becoming independent one step at a time and she can’t wait to see what the next day brings.

A mother’s gaze is often anxious. Is she doing this correctly, the whole mom thing? Will she be able to do all it takes? Will they learn and inculcate all she intends to teach them? Will they be able to judge right from wrong when it is time to do so? Will they stand up for themselves and for others who might need them? What else can she do to make them the persons they ought to be? What can she say to them to make them the best versions of themselves?

A mother gazes with hope in her eyes. She hopes she can provide for everything they need without making them complacent. She hopes to make them realize the value of all the things that really matter; to make them capable of dreaming, and working hard to make those dreams come true.

Some nights, there may be regret in a mother’s gaze. She raised her voice when she should’ve lent her ears. As her little ones are navigating this big, new world with their tiny feet and even tinier steps, she should’ve been patient with their pace. She should’ve left the laundry when she was asked to play. She should’ve heard all about their day without planning for the next day in her head. She should have been present so they didn’t have to ask for her time.

A mother’s gaze is full of promise. A promise that this is a job she will never quit. This job might bring with it hardships and several challenges, but the rewards, such as these moments with her children, even though they are asleep, make it all worth it. She promises to stand by them at all times. She promises to never break this promise.

Unconditional, unbound, and irrevocable love is contained in a mother’s gaze. Love so powerful, she didn’t know even existed before her children. The love that makes two hearts beat outside her body. The love that knows no boundaries, and one which can never diminish, change, or ever fall short. Though tired and exhausted, a mother gazes at her entire world, while the entire world sleeps.

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Chandni Bansal

She is a mum of 2 little angels (ages 1 and 5) and lives with her husband and kids. She loves to write about love, life, and family, and share her experiences of being a mom and wife with all her readers. You can follow her on her personal blog, Little Voice of love.