Baby, if there ever was anything that could renew my faith, it’s you. 

From the curve of your small eyebrow to the swirl of dark hair behind your head all the way to your plump, tiny toes. 

You, with your perfectly-formed lips, soft cheeks, and curious eyes, came directly from Heaven. 

There’s not a doubt in my mind. 

Heaven made you. 

And baby, you bring Heaven with you. 

I can see it when your eyes lock with mine. I see how miraculous your creation is. I see how loving our God is. I see how earnestly He wants us to turn to Him. 

I can feel God when you grasp my finger with your hand. Every toe, finger, ear, and piece of you is a grand design; you are a perfect engineering from God to learn, work, create, and love. 

Your embrace makes me feel whole and exquisitely powerful, like a Queen protecting her Prince. (I will always let you hold me tight.)

Even the smell of your new skin reminds me of Him. 

It’s paradoxical. Without words, the smallest baby can speak the most powerful testimony of God.

There is a God. He cares. He loves us. 

Baby, you opened my heart again when I didn’t know it had been closed. 

With your new spirit so close to Heaven, I can feel the tenderness that exists there. My heart and my soul remember the gentle power of God through you. It feels wonderful to remember God’s love for us.

Thank you, Baby, for showing me a little bit of Heaven. And thank you, Heaven, for bringing this angel into our lives. This beautiful baby stirs faith in my soul and warms me through and through with the love of a Heavenly Father. 

Baby, there may come a time when you don’t remember where you came from. As you grow,, the gentleness of our Heavenly home will disappear.

Then it will be my turn to help you remember where you came from. 

God spoke so powerfully through your creation. God’s gentle whispers were felt. 

If this is what Heaven is supposed to feel like, then I want to do His will to make it back to Him someday. We can make it together because we helped each other remember. 

Baby, it has been a delight getting to know you. 

And God, it has been wonderful knowing you again.

Alene Laney

I am an LEO wife and mother of four fort-building couch ninjas. On a mission to spread empathy throughout the world! Come on over to my personal finance and travel hacking blog to say hi. Https://