To every little girl who dreams big: Yes, you can be anything you want—even president. Tonight is for you. -Hillary Clinton

**This is not a political piece. I am not endorsing a candidate with this article, this is simply a letter of inspiration to my daughter. **

To my daughter,

You are tucked in bed sleeping soundly underneath your Elsa comforter completely unaware of the enormity of the night. The history that has been made. Tonight my dear–years of struggle and fighting were not in vain. Generations before you who have fought for equal rights are celebrating both on heaven and earth as the first woman to ever be nominated for a major political party has finally happened.

You mother has been waiting for this moment most of her life. From mommy’s 2nd grade school teacher telling me I should watch Care Bears instead of Sunday Football with your uncles, to the middle school P.E. teacher who told me to cheer the boys on instead of playing flag football with them to the middle-aged man who sexually harassed me at my first real job out of college. Sweet girl, a new chapter begins.

In this new chapter, I see progress. I see hope for your generation. I see a world where you can do whatever you want, and be whatever you want. No teacher will tell you that because of your anatomy, you can’t play sports with the boys or love the game. People will no longer look the other way when sexual harassment occurs, because women will be in charge of the boardroom.

A new world will be open to you, sweet girl. A world with choices that your grandmother didn’t have. I’m lucky enough to be home with you and work. Through technology and progression in human thought I am able to do that, but just imagine what you will be capable of 30-years from now? You can have a job, or stay-at-home and be a mommy, or like me do both. The world will be your oyster. I’m so glad you get to live in this period of time.

I say that because it was only a few generations ago that women didn’t have the right to vote. I know in your four-year-old mind, that is above your head right now, but please don’t forget where you came from. This is the gravity of the night. Less than 100 years ago, we couldn’t vote, and now one of us could be the next president of the United States!

Eight years ago, the first African-American became president and I watched in awe. I was so proud of our country for its progression. Forget politics, how awesome for every little African-American boy out there to think to himself, ‘one day I could be president too.’ I cried happy tears that I was able to watch history in the making when that man took his oath.

Tonight I find myself with that same feeling. I’m crying those same happy tears. This time is different though, because I think of you. ‘Yes, you can be anything you want—even president.I want you to tackle every obstacle, clear every hurdle and break every glass ceiling you can. Why? Because unlike any generation before you, you really can.

So when you wake in the morning baby girl, don’t mind mommy when she holds you a little longer for my sunrise hug, and gazes at you from behind my coffee mug. While you don’t realize it yet, we women had a really good night.

Kimberly Patterson

Kimberly Patterson is a writer, wife and mother of two adorable, over-zealous toddlers. She spends her days in yoga pants, pecking away at the keys on her laptop and pulling her kids off of whatever household furniture they climb upon. She has been published on The Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Her View From Home, The Mighty, and several other publications. Read more of her insights at