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Dear sweet baby,

One day I will tell you of the path we have taken to lead us to you. I can’t wait to see the Lord reveal the story He has been working on. What a story it will be! Written by the King of Kings for His children.

Your mama and daddy have been praying for you for two years. So many tears have been shed, so many sleepless nights waiting and wondering when and how the Lord would provide.

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We felt Him calling us down the path to you.

Never has a child been so loved, so prayed for, so wanted before they were even born.

I feel you are out there, and it’s so hard to be patient and wait on the Lord. Your first mama loves you so much that she is right now out there choosing life for you. She will look diligently for a family to care for you in a way she cannot.

She will find me and your daddy and your sister. She will choose us to care for you and love you forever. We are humbled by her sacrifice. Brought to our knees that she and the Lord will choose us to raise you.

What an amazing blessing you will be to our family!

We cannot wait to see your little sweet face. We cannot wait to see the story unfold written by our God. We cannot wait to have you in our arms. How special a baby must you be!

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We know you are worth the wait. We know you are the missing piece. We know you will be a blessing.

Hold tight baby, Mama is coming!

“For this child we have prayed and He has granted us the desires of our hearts” (1 Samuel 1: 27). 

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Nikki Wheeler Douglas

I am a homeschool mom of two girls. My journey to motherhood has been quite different than others with premature birth, secondary infertility, and adoption. I love the Lord and strive daily to raise my daughters to do the same. I struggle, I fail, I succeed, I write what I feel. Learning to find the JOY in every single day.

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