Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I’ve been thinking about how I want to recognize the special dad’s in my life. As I was thinking about these wonderful fathers, it dawned at me that they are not just great dads, but at the core these men are great humans. They love and forgive well, they are reasonable and compassionate, they are caring to friends and new acquaintances and strangers. And they love their wives something fierce. They are good people. 
You can’t be a good parent unless you are a good person. 
I’m pretty sure it’s impossible. And ladies, we want good people, good men, good husbands, who can help us raise up good children. It’s hard enough as it is! Am I right? So here I am in my kitchen thinking about what to get my husband for Father’s Day and ending up thinking about the importance of “the choice.” You know the one; the choice of who we date, who we fall in love with, and who we marry. As a parent of two boys, I understand now that this choice carries great significance past myself, it impacts my children
It is a fact- being a first-time parent will introduce you to first-time challenges, and quickly these challenges will test the marriage. The people in the marriage are tested, and when you are sleep-deprived, let me tell you, the test is a lot harder! In my past 3-years of parenthood, I’ve learned a lot about the man my husband is, and how he loves and forgives. I’ve also seen just how much he impacts our children, especially emotionally. They are constantly looking to dad for leadership, for validation, for guidance. He gives them confidence just by how he interacts and loves them. Dad’s are important. The “choice” of who we marry is important.
To the ladies-in-waiting, take your time and choose wisely, as hard as this may be. Because who we choose to be our husbands will (if you choose) one day become fathers and fathers bear a great responsibility to the next generation. Choose right. And to the good men out there making a big difference in the small everyday moments of their children’s lives, thank you, for loving well and helping raise up good people. Happy Fathers Day, friends.

Lauren Kauffman

Lauren is a Texan, Missouri-grad, now turned Denverite. She is a mom to two little boys who make her tired. And happy, mostly happy. The phrase "bless your heart" and the word "y'all" are daily parts of her vocabulary. She writes over at Happy Haven Blog http://www.happyhavenblog.blogspot.com/ about her journey creating a happy home and family life. You can also follow her daily adventures at Happy Haven Blog's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Happy-Haven-Blog/668754676586150?ref=bookmarks