A mother’s schedule revolves around her children’s schedules.

It starts with their feeding schedules, their sleep schedules, and planning outings around the nap time we’re afraid they can’t miss.

And then we’ve got alarm clocks set for wake-up time, lessons, appointments.

Now, our calendars are filled with back-to-back practices and game schedules, with rehearsals and special programs.

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And it starts to feel like we’ll never have the freedom and flexibility to fit in all the meet-ups and plans we have for ourselves.

Instead of slow evenings and weekends, we’re saying:

If you need me, I’ll be at their practice.

We can’t, we’ve got baseball.

And it does feel a little overwhelming at times. But then I see their passion for playing and watch their confidence soar, and I know a time is coming when I’ll miss these busy days so much.

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If they love this activity or sport or hobby right now, I do too.

So, I’ll ask for some extra grace in saying “no” to some things and not making it to everything I’d like to take part in right now. 

I’m just so grateful for this precious family time we’re getting and the memories we’re making.

So yes, my children’s schedules still matter so much to me. And I understand yours do too.

And it’s okay. We’re in that season to say, “We can’t. We’ve got baseball.”

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