Because I’m a Mom

Because I'm a Mom
Written by Leah Lewis

Because I’m a mom . . . my food is always cold.

Because I’m a mom . . . a 10-minute trip takes an extra 30 minutes because, you know, car seats (insert eye roll).

Because I’m a mom . . . I cling to my tea/coffee/some form of caffeine, and pretend that I’m not the walking dead, poster child for sleep deprivation.

Because I’m a mom . . . my clothes are always stained with boogers, slobber, breastmilk, and who knows what!


Because I’m a mom . . . my house is always messy and cluttered with toys spilled on the floor, food thrown from the highchair, and dirt smeared into the carpet.

Because I’m a mom . . . the laundry room looks like the Mount Everest of stinky, smelly clothes, and the dishes in the sink scream to be cleaned.

Because I’m a mom . . . naptime feels like a race against time to get EVERYTHING done, while anxiously checking the baby monitor, because I secretly miss my baby.

Because I’m a mom . . . I worry about EVERYTHING: the food I give to my baby, the toxins and chemicals in baby-related items, if I’m stimulating learning enough, and the list goes on . . .

Because I’m a mom . . . I sport a good ol’ matted messy bun, and dress in the finest sweatpants and t-shirts.

Because I’m a mom . . . I always have my baby in tow either in a baby carrier, wrap, stroller, or on my hip.

Because I’m a mom . . . I’m a list making, meal planning, routine developing machine.

Because I’m a mom . . . I carry puffs (I mean, desperation snacks) and dried fruit in the diaper bag for those hangry moments.

Because I’m a mom . . . I use baby wipes as much as the dad on “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” uses Windex.

Because I’m a mom . . . I’m an expert diaper changer, and a skilled onesie fastener.

Because I’m a mom  . . . I can’t sit through an entire movie without dozing off.

Because I’m a mom . . . even my bad days are good because there is a little person looking up to me smiling.

Because I’m a mom . . . I have a purposeful job of raising a little world changer.

Because I’m a mom . . . my home is always lively, with giggles and tickles galore.

Because I’m a mom . . . I pray for discernment, guidance, strength, and protection over my family. Daily. And just about every second of every day.

Because I’m a mom . . . my heart is forever overflowing with love.  

Because I’m a mom . . . my world is filled with a beautiful baby who makes my world more joyful and brighter.

Because I’m a mom . . . I will never be alone.

Because I’m a mom . . . I will never be the same.

Because I’m a mom . . . I am blessed.

About the author

Leah Lewis

Leah is a passionate follower of Jesus, wife to her best friend, momma to her sweet baby boy, and writer. Her mission is to encourage girls to walk in light.