Written By:  Anna Greenwald

One of the BEST accessories for all seasons and occasions is the Belt! Belts are so very easy and can completely change your look from drab to dazzling! Here are a few tips on how to wear your belts.

Dress It Up: Belts with rhinestones or jewels are perfect to add pizzaz to simple dresses or a basic tee. Remember to always put the belt in the smallest part of your waist for a slim look. We like a thin belt when worn higher on the body. (Thick belts are good also, but I believe they are better over many layers.)

One of my favorite trendy ways of wearing a thin belt is to buy it long and instead of using the buckle, tie it in a knot or a bow!

Add Detail: Just like statement jewelry, belts can help theme and complete your look. This belt pictured definitely helps the look but more importantly adds a slimming illusion. When wearing jackets or blazers put your belt underneath. This gives the eye a small area to focus on creating an illusion of looking thinner. We put this belt towards the hip a little more to blouse the top of the shirt. Play with your belt to see what fit you like for that specific look. This is a perfect example of how a belt can completely change the same top you have in your closet to something new!

Show Off: Here is our example of a thicker belt over layers of tops. When wearing more flowy, blousey tops try a thick belt to show your curves!

YES LADIES, I said Curves!!

Thick belts are perfect for giving that sexy hour-glass figure on any body type! Again, remember to place the belt at the smallest part of your waist-line for the most slimming effect! A-Line shapes (which is created from an umpire waist) is great for hiding self-conscience areas!

The best advice I can give, is to play with your belt to create different looks and see which placement looks best on your body. DO NOT be afraid to play up your curves! Just like scarves and other accessories, you have to try it different ways to see what works for you or to create the look you want. 

What tips do you have on wearing belts?

What trend would you like to see advice on? 

Anna Greenwald

Owner, creative director, and personal stylist, Anna Greenwald opened elesch boutique in October of 2011. She takes her combination of sensible fashion, perspective, and today's trends to bring unique and versatile style to Mid-Nebraska. elesch, being the combination of elegant and fresh, perfectly describes the fashion, as well as the store atmosphere. Elesch boutique offers personal styling as well as private shopping nights for any group or occasion. Anna and elesch stylists are available for personal styling by appointment. 308-455-1335