If you have been on the internet the last few days, I’m certain you have come across a video of Leah. Leah is the cutest little girl singing the song “Overcomer” by Mandisa. The video has gone viral after being posted on Sunday. If you have stopped to watch the video, I can guarantee you are still smiling from ear to ear.

Leah isn’t just an adorable face- she’s a fighter. She has spent much of the last 322 days in the hospital. Since she was six-months-old, Leah has battled severe congenital Neutropenia, a rare blood disorder that prevents the production of white blood cells that ward off infections. She currently suffers from graft versus host disease. She has braved her way through two bone marrow transplants.

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I had the extreme privilege of talking with Leah’s mom, Lindsay Carroll about her amazingly strong daughter. I know that to battle alongside your child as they fight something so serious can be heartbreaking. I’ve got to say, in just the short time I chatted with Lindsay, I learned she’s just as amazing and brave.

Lindsay and Leah were surprised and overjoyed that Mandisa personally responded to their video. Mandisa wrote a message to Leah:

“Leah: You are an overcomer in the truest sense of the word! Seeing the joy of the Lord on your sweet face inspired me so much. I’m praying for you, and believe that many of my friends on here will join me. Keep trusting Jesus, and fight on, precious one.”

Lindsay was even more touched that she received a personal message from Mandisa’s guitarist’s wife with an offer of a lifetime- backstage access to Mandisa’s next local concert!

Along with Mandisa, Leah also loves Taylor Swift, Megan Trainor, Adele, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Maroon 5. She obviously has great taste! She’s just like any other kid. Leah loves to play with play-dough, be read to, play games on her kindle, visit the playroom and make new friends, play board games (but she makes up all of her own rules) and she loves to rock with her mama in the rocking chair.

I asked Lindsay how’s she’s taking care of herself. She’s in the hospital with her daughter, so self care is so important: “I spend time with my boyfriend. It’s fleeting and usually only for a meal or a quick date night but he is my soft landing. He is my peace away from everything else. He really is my best friend and has been with me every step of the way this past year. Leah is not his child….but he has supported us with all of his heart.”

Oh gosh guys, I’m so glad Leah and Lindsay have such support!

Lindsay and Leah have strong faith that God will take care of the battle. I asked Lindsay which bible verse has helped her through this journey- “Psalm 46:10 hands down. It’s surfaced throughout this journey in the most amazing ways! And I hold it dear. I don’t have any tattoos but if I did….it would be a version of this verse.”

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” — Psalms 46:1

Leah, you have the whole world rooting for you! You keep that positive attitude and keep sending smiles!

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