In a world where commercials can be fast-forwarded and our kids will never know the intensity of trying to go to the bathroom, grab a snack, and refill their cups before someone from the living room yells, “It’s onnnnn!” I’ll admit even I have become a bit impatient when it comes to advertisements in between shows. But during Sunday Night Football with my family this weekend, a new Chevrolet holiday commercial aired that I was so glad I didn’t miss. 

The commercial opens with an older man walking to his weathered shop outbuilding. He hangs a new wreath on the door, takes down the old one, and carries it to his workbench where he adds it to a growing pile of dried-out greenery. 

When he turns to look over his shoulder, we glimpse the dusty blue Chevrolet sitting in the corner. Old cars always have a story to tell, and this one is no different. The man climbs into the driver’s seat and tears fill his eyes as he pulls out an old photograph and memories of the love of his life come flooding back. 

Whew. Cue the tears.

But it’s what happens next that really had me feeling all the feels. 

Grab a tissue and watch the full four-minute mini-movie for yourself here: 

When all we see on TV are upbeat, happy Christmas commercials, it’s easy to forget that for some people the holidays are really, really hard. Whether they’re missing a faraway loved one, feeling overwhelmed, grieving a loss, or any number of other things, for some, sadness is more acute during this time of year than any other. 

But there’s another takeaway from Chevrolet’s masterful commercial, too: the best salve for these hurting hearts now—and any time of year—is love. 

We don’t all have the means to restore our widowed father’s old Chevrolet, but we all have the means to treat each other with compassion.

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This holiday season (and always, honestly) let’s remember to give each other a little more grace. 

Reach out and check in with the people around you. 

Brainstorm acts of kindness—big or small—we can do to make those who are hurting feel seen and held. 

Let’s spark true holiday spirit and fill the world around us with so much love that even the heartbroken can feel a little bit of Christmas magic in their hearts this year.

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