People often talk about continuing to date once you’re married. They say to keep the honeymoon phase going. They remind you to keep the spark and romance alive. 

They talk about all the aspects of how it impacts the relationship between a husband and wife. How it will keep you both feeling fulfilled in your life together. How it keeps you strong and content with each other. 

Although all of those things are entirely true . . . an extremely important aspect is often left out of the reasoning behind spouse dating. 

What they leave out is the importance of the lasting influence that dating your spouse has on your children.

Our kids are miniature versions of us running around who mimic so many of our moves. I promise you; they’re noticing more than you realize. 

If children grow up witnessing their parents (stepparents, partners, guardians, etc.) loving and continuing to date properly, it will be much more likely to become second nature to them. 

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Last week, I left my husband a love Post-it note on the side of his gun safe. I wouldn’t have thought that any of the kids would’ve noticed it there, let alone read it. 

The next day, a “Mom I Love You” Post-it note just appeared on the wall behind my nightstand.

Sure, it wasn’t the first love note I’ve gotten from one of my kids, but the significance of it was clear. 

Several days later, I spotted my husband’s wallet on our kitchen island. He was in the bathroom finishing getting ready so I quickly grabbed the Post-it notes and struck again. 

Our daughter was coloring at the table and seemed oblivious to the situation, yet later that afternoon, I found another love Post-it note from her hiding in my purse.

Even when you don’t notice that they notice, trust me, they doand they will appreciate it more than you know. 

Someday, they’ll thank you for showing them how truly meaningful those hello and goodbye kisses are. 

They’ll thank you for proving to them how sweet it is to simply open and close doors for each other. 

They’ll thank you for dressing up and going out on date nights because someday they’ll make sure they prioritize that too. 

They’ll thank you for all the smiles, hugs, whispers, and surprise presents no matter how big or small. 

They’ll thank you for snuggling on the couch together and showing them what true comfort looks like. 

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They’ll thank you for holding hands at the store and for teaching them there’s no shame in a man carrying a purse for whatever reason. 

They’ll thank you for instilling in them that marriage should be cherished, taken care of, and that it takes special effort in many different wayseach and every day.

Your kids may just think everything is silly Post-it notes and smiles now, but someday, they will sincerely understand and thank you for the perspective that your dating gave them. And their spouses and your grandchildren will thank them, as well. 

Samantha Lyn Walljasper

My name is Samantha Lyn Walljasper, and I’m a happily married, mother of four wonderful children. My desire for many years has been to become a writer for a variety of genres. Since I became a stay-at-home mom, my husband has really encouraged me to start following my dreams. I have a variety of interests I’ve started pursuing from photography (all of my books have original photos for cover art) to poetry; from children’s books to writing articles on various topics which you will see reflected in my works. I can be followed through Over My Husband’s Head (@lovepoemskindof) on Facebook.