When you think of your marriage, of your spouse, of what life will be like in 20, 30, maybe even 50 years, what do you see? When the kids have grown up and moved away and maybe even the grandkids have grown up and moved away, are your days spent doing crossword puzzles and sitting on the porch drinking tea? Or taking walks and playing Bingo with friends? What does it look like when you gaze into that crystal ball?

I sure hope it looks like this. I sure hope it looks like my husband learning to do my hair, when I can’t anymore. (I mean, this probably won’t be us since I barely do my hair now and he knows that, but you get what I mean.) I sure hope it means doing what your spouse needs you to do, knowing what matters to each other, and doing your best to live out the rest of your days in love and happiness.

Shared via Facebook video, this sweet man is a the Foundry Salon in New Braunfels, TX, where a hair stylist is teaching him how to do his wife’s hair.

The caption reads: “Proof that true love really exists… she can no longer style her hair herself and her husband insisted on learning how to do it for her step by step.”

If you need a real-life example of love and commitment, here it is.

“From products, to the way you hold the brush and dryer . . . truly one of the best things I have been able to witness in my life. Brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing man and what a lucky woman. Bless them,” the post continues.

The stylist shows the husband how to use a round brush and hairdryer simultaneously to style his wife’s hair—something most men probably go their entire lives not knowing. But not this husband.

She also teaches him how to take different sections of hair at a time, starting from the bottom and going up, and how to add volume. And throughout his tutorial, his wife calmly sits in her salon chair, letting her husband love on her as he once vowed to do.

This is it, folks. This is what they mean when they ask us on that precious day when we are young and kid-less and wrinkle-free and full of energy. When they ask us to say we will love, honor, and cherish one another. This is what they mean. Someday one of us won’t be able to walk. Or hear. Or see. And the other will have to be our legs, or our ears, or our eyes. 

One of us won’t be able to drive anymore, or might forget to take our medication. The other will do the driving, and the reminding about the pills. One might love gardening, but have a hard time kneeling, so the other may get in there and plant some flowers. One might love crosswords, but have a hard time seeing them anymore, so the other may bring home a magnifying glass or a large print book.

That’s the stuff of marriage. 

There’s no way of knowing who or what we’ll be when our hair is gray and our bodies and minds don’t work like they used to, but all we can hope for is that our partner in life is right next to us, making us feel beautiful and reminding us what those vows were all about. 

Feature image via Facebook

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