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I can’t really put my finger on it.
Or manage to find all the words.
But there’s just something about that girl.
Maybe it’s the way her hair sits tangled.
Curled up at the end.
The way she moves. Dances.
As if everyone was watching.
Or no one at all.

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It could be the way she smiles.
With her heart.
The way only she can.
The way she cares, loves.
For everyone.
For herself.

You see, she is beautiful in the way only wild things are.
The way they are meant to be.
Untouched by the world.

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So, my darling.
Stay this way.
As if just for a moment.

You, wild.
And me—

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Danielle Lacourse Vaughn

Danielle is a mom and registered nurse living in Los Angeles with her two babies and toddler husband. Thankfully, he is potty trained. She enjoys large cups of coffee, watching Friends, and pretending to know how to parent. She started writing in the notes section of her iPhone while her children were napping. When she could’ve been showering. When she should’ve been showering. Danielle is also author to the satirical parenting guide “Two Under Two: How To Survive and Not Kill Your Husband”, now available on Amazon.

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