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Mom, I pray to the stars that someday, somewhere we pick up where we left off. Before the Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Before your life, my life, and our family’s life changed forever.

If we meet again, will you appear just as I remember you before this awful disease took over? With ebony black hair, vibrant blue eyes, and a gracious smile.

Will you look at me and know I am your daughter? Will you refer to me by my beloved childhood nickname?

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Will you embrace me in a warm hug and tell me you’ve missed me? Will you ask excitedly about your “buddy” (your grandson) and what he’s been up to?

Will you want to coordinate plans to get together for lunch and shopping? Will you call and leave a voicemail telling me you’re thinking of me?

In a perfect world, Mom, we meet again, and you appear just as you were before this disorder ravaged your memory, your ability to communicate, and your beautiful humanity. In a perfect world, there is no disease, there is no sorrow, and there is no pain.

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But we do not live in such a world, so for now I bask in the memories of your love and the wonderful life you provided me. You were always an angel on earth, and I know that will transcend beyond this life.

Until we meet again, dear Mom, please know you areand always will bemy hero, my heart, and my greatest inspiration.

With all of my heart,
Your daughter Brooke

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Brooke Tichenor

Brooke Tichenor is a writer, business owner, mother, and wife. Through her real-life storytelling, Brooke endeavors to nurture a community where people can connect, find solace, and healing. She aspires to foster a shared sense of belonging where people are seen, supported, and find strength in the highs and lows of life together.

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