I just want you to know.

That I’m trying.

And I mess up.

A lot.

But gosh, do I try.

I pray every single day for the strength and wisdom and patience and grace to be the mama you deserve.

And I don’t always get it right.

I yell.

Forget things.

Drop the ball.

Set a bad example.

But the love.

My oh my, the love.

It never, ever wavers.

Not for one day.

One minute.

One second.

The love my heart holds for you . . . it’s all-consuming.

When I look at you, I’m overcome by the precious blessing that you are.

And being your mama . . . it’s a wild, messy ride, no doubt.

But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Because it’s such a joy.

Such an honor.

Such an immense privilege.

So I know you’ll continue to watch me stumble.

You’ll have a front row seat to my many imperfections.

My humanness.

And I’ll pray that my love shines through those broken, messy parts of me.

Because I just want you to know.

Deep in your soul.

No matter what.

Without a doubt.

That you are loved.

Originally published on Kisses From Boys with Krista Ward

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Krista Ward

Krista is a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom to three insanely precious little boys, Hudson, Jones, and Royce. She is married to her best friend and high school sweetheart, Randy, who is the peanut butter to her chocolate. Krista hopes to be a light and joy to the world, especially other mamas feeling stuck in the daily grind, through her writing.