“Have you ever seen something so wonderful in your entire life?”

It’s official!

Disney has released the first trailer for The Little Mermaid, offering a glimpse into the much-anticipated live-action remake coming to theatres in May 2023.

I have to admit, I may have shed a tear and gotten chills when actress Halle Bailey sang the opening chords of “Part of Your World.”

The human world, it’s a mess . . . but ’80s and ’90s kids are ready to dive under the sea and rediscover the magic of our childhoods.

The Little Mermaid was one of my all-time favorite animated movies growing up in the 90s, and brings back so many memories of pretending to be mermaids with my sister—brushing our hair with “dinglehoppers” (forks), “swimming” around the living room belting out the lyrics to “Under the Sea,” (which won an Academy Award, by the way!) and dramatically batting our eyelids like the hilarious Jamaican-accented crab, Sebastian.

The magic of Disney never gets stale, because now I love sharing the animated musical classics of my childhood with my own kids.

You can often find my 4-year-old daughter and me dancing in our kitchen crooning: 

I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plentyI’ve got whozits and whatzits galoreYou want thingamabobs?I’ve got 20!

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The new movie stars talented American singer Halle Bailey as Ariel. Javier Bardem will play her father, King Triton, and the evil Ursula will be portrayed by Melissa McCarthy. Director Rob Marshall of Chicago, Mary Poppins Returns, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is at the helm of the project.

Oh, and there’s more!

There will also be four new original songs from a collaboration between Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda, which you know are guaranteed to be catchy, toe-tapping hits that we’ll be singing way into 2024.

Life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it? But I have a feeling this movie is going to be amazing, and in the words of Scuttle, “Have I ever been wrong? I mean, when it’s important!”

(Can you tell how much I loved this movie yet?)

So don’t be a guppy, and mark your calendars for May 26, 2023, for a swim down memory lane with some old friends from a timeless 80s movie classic.

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