This is friendship.

Friendship is packing the kids up and coming over with an absurd amount of Chick-fil-A to help you pick your life back up.

Friendship is showing up to help after getting the text “My house is in full depression mode” after your friend has grieved a miscarriage for two weeks.

Messy House

Clean House Friendship is coming in with no judgment, a listening ear, and lots of girl talk.

I had a miscarriage two weeks ago.

Kailey Nicole Lawson was the first person I texted.

And she was on her way to me not long after.

She came bearing a bag full of all of the necessities.  

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Cute PJs.

Smell goods.

Cake and the best brisket ever.

She sat with me until I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open and Michael got home.

Today I texted her about the state of our house after being in such a sad place the last couple of weeks and without question, she packed all three kids up and headed to me.

She was with me all day and helped me literally pick my life around me, back up. And even though we just cleaned all day long, it meant the whole world to me.

Messy Living Room

Clean Living Room

Show up for your friends.

Put efforts into your friendship.

Let them know you’re there.

That is friendship.

Kailey is friendship. 

I am so beyond grateful for you and I Love you forever, twisty sister. 

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