Dear Son,

The other day when I visited the children’s museum, your younger sister played in the bulldozer section, the same one you could once spend hours playing in. It became so clear how quickly my time with you has passed. I know you are 15 now and eager to be a grown up. I remember what it is like to be a teenager with so much promise before you and the uncertainty that comes with it. (Shocking I know!) I am working on letting go, even though as your mom, I want to hold time still. 

I am working on letting go and watching you become a man. I want you to know, that I cherish every hug you give me. I look forward to all your text messages and phone calls even if it is just checking in. I love that you still want to hang out with me even if it is to buy cool clothes. I love that you still talk to me about all things including girls (I know this is rare!). 

I am working at finding the balance of letting you make your own mistakes and wanting to fix and remove any obstacles in your way. I know very soon we will be packing up your things and moving you into the future. I desperately want to hit pause on time as much as you are eager to speed it up.

As we navigate the teenager years together I will remember that you are working your way to adulthood and I am learning to let go of my little boy and embrace the wonderful man you are becoming. But please know this: in my heart you will always be my little brown-eyed baby boy.


Jennifer Waugh

I am a mother of four; I write about our adventures in life as they relate to family life, marriage, homeschooling, and our family travels.