My friend’s baby entered the world in the middle of the day. He entered the world sooner than we anticipated. He arrived and the tears that welcomed him were tears of intense heartache and confusion.

You see, as his mother delivered her beloved child, he was already being held in the arms of Jesus.

For just over seven months, his beautiful momma was given a most precious gift. She had the indescribable joy of being able to carry her son, to give life to him, to feel him move and grow.

But then, for reasons we may never know, his Creator had a desperate need to hold this new life. This precious little boy, who had only ever known the safety and security of his mother’s heartbeat, instantly knew a security we on earth can only long for and that, for this little one, will be all he ever knows.

Days later, family gathered to say goodbye and friends prayed prayers of comfort and peace, with groans only the Spirit can interpret.

But as we blinked back tears, as we sought comfort in the arms of the ones we love, as our breath caught in our chests and we wondered, not for the first or last time, “Why?” I prayed for a heavenly message to fill each of our hearts:

Your sweet little one arrived today. He’s beautiful! I am spellbound by how perfectly formed he is. His sweet innocence is a wonder to behold and I just can’t get enough of him!

When I see Jesus holding him, I see such joy and love . . . it takes my breath away! He told me on the day your sweet child came, that his arrival here is causing a lot of sorrow down below. There is a deep sense of pain in His eyes to know that you are hurting.

But we want you to know, there truly is no better place for your baby. The care he is receiving . . . the love he knows . . . most must wait upwards of 80 years to finally experience. He is safe. He is happy. When his eyes opened for the first time and locked with Jesus’ . . . the outpouring of His love warmed the room. We all felt it.

Nestled in His strong arms, against the tender shoulder that once carried a cross, your sweet baby met a world of perfection that he will forever call Home.

He will never be sick. He will never be hurt. He will never know rejection or betrayal. He will always know perfection and joy.

I know that until you experience this for yourself, you won’t fully understand and there will be times of intense pain and the question “Why?” will burn deep in your soul.

But until then, dear one, know that your precious son is being held. He’s smiling as Jesus and all the angels watch over him. His cooing is a sweet melody to our ears.

When you think of your son, please think of this. And please know that your baby is safe in His arms.

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Lydia Veer

My name is Lydia. My husband and I live in central Kansas with our new baby girl. Dry shampoo and Ethiopian coffee are my new-mom staples.