The kids ran to me with hugs and excitement. It’s not every day they see a beauty queen walking around a cosmetics store. Especially not one with a large, sparkling, diamond-studded crown and an embroidered sash.

“Ma’am,” the mother began to ask, “could my children have their photo taken with you?”

Proudly, all the children surrounded me as I bent at the knees and posed for the photo. The questions then opened with the opportunity to rapidly commence.

“How did you get this crown?!”

“What’s on your banner (sash)?!”

“Why are you here?!”

“Do you have a castle?!”

“Where is your castle?!”

Then came the ultimate question.

The one that surprised me. The one I didn’t expect. The one I never thought I had to answer. It was the dreaded question.

What made this child ask, I have no idea. It came unannounced and without a warning.

“Where is your prince?”

I was stunned, shocked, and felt caught off guard. My prince? Why would she believe I needed a prince?

It was simple. In their eyes, I was a princess, and a princess always comes with a prince.

A princess by herself was not whole. She was not complete. As an individual, she was without power.

She needed a partner, a companion.

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I felt insecure. I didn’t want to answer her question. I didn’t want to explain to her that this royal figure was fresh out of princes.

Have you ever experienced one of those moments when you felt incomplete?

People will quickly label you as without.

As in, you are a beautiful lady but without weekend dates.

You’re the picture-perfect girlfriend, but without a ring.

You’re the best wife but without children.

You’re the most qualified candidate but without a degree.

You’re always so involved but without a leadership title.

You’re the most devoted, gifted, loyal, and talented one present, but without other’s appreciation.

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Many times society teaches us we need someone or something to be complete.

Friend, I encourage you to rip off the without label.

You are God’s creation.

You are adored, chosen, loved, and His child.

And friend, you are whole as you are.

Dating is a good concept.

Marriage is a beautiful thing.

Children are a blessing from God.

Job titles and promotions are amazing achievements.

Community can create empowering environments.

Though if you don’t love yourself, believe in yourself, and understand who you are as God’s masterpiece, no boyfriend, husband, child, job title, or friend will fill the void.

I encourage you to seek fulfillment in God’s Word and who He says you are.

I also encourage you to walk in His love and believe in His plan.

1 John 3:1 states, “The Father has loved us so much that we are called children of God. And we really are his children.”

His Word also states that “This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another” (1 John 4: 9-11).

Christ loves and died for all.

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Never will you read in God’s Word that He only loves the married.

You won’t hear about how God never favors those without children.

You’ll never study how God only loves those who are in leadership.

If you struggle with a without, His love can fill the void.

If you struggle with why not me, His love always includes you.

If you struggle with nobody cares, He abides in you so you’ll never be alone.

His love captivates, conquers, and completes it all.

Believe you are whole in Him. 

Know you were created for a purpose. 

Understand that as you walk in Him, He will always guide you. 

You are not a fraction. 

You are not a without.

His love completes you

Even you who are single, those who are barren, and those who are struggling.

And yes, even you who are princeless.

Leah Hadder

Leah Hadder is a former internationally recognized pageant queen. Now retired from competition, she shares about the love of Jesus as a speaker and writer. She resides in the beautiful state of Tennessee. Contact Leah at