MomSonSlideHis sweet little blonde curls bobbed under the bridge and headed straight for the ladder. He looked over the shoulder, surely wondering what was taking me so long.

After a boost, he was off again.


When did he start calling me “Mom?” I thought I had at least another 10 years of “Mommy.”

“Mooooooom! Again!”

He was patiently waiting for me at the top of the double slides. I swung my legs onto my slide and looked over to see a huge smile. A quick high five and we were off.

His little squeal filled the air.

I waited for him at the end and we both hopped off. A fist bump to get rid of the static.


And he was off.


I was going to try to get out of going down the slide this time. My friend was graciously holding my baby and I was enjoying catching up. But, a second appeal for my attention tugged at my heart.



I’ll go down the slides with him as long as he asks.




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