Gardening Tips ~ DIY Tomato Cages

Written by Jennie Nollette

I can’t believe how fast time has gone, can you believe it is June?!?! Crazy!  It does mean one thing, we are getting even closer to those yummy veggies I can’t stop talking about. Anyone have veggies getting close or done?

One of my favorite things in the garden has to be the tomatoes, there are just so many things you can do with them. Unfortunately for us, they can sometimes be the most difficult to maintain. Last year our tomato plants were huge and overflowing with fruit.  They devoured our little tomato cages and it turned into a giant mess making it almost impossible to pick.

In an attempt to avoid last years disaster I decided to browse the internet for ideas.  I fell in love with these cages on the Better Homes and Gardens website and knew they would be perfect for our garden.  I sent the link to my husband to see if he would make them for me; it took a little batting of my baby blues but he agreed. I was so excited and they turned out even better than I imagined!



Didn’t my hubby do a great job, he is a keeper!


I am hoping these cages will help contain the plants as they grow big, so far they seem to be holding up well; except for a few pieces where my husband used old barn wood.  It looks really cool but some of that has started to split so we may have to replace a few of those.  Otherwise they should work well!


The old barn wood makes it look cool, but didn’t quite hold up.

Also, on a side note we were out looking at our apricot tree and found 3 pieces of fruit…anyone think they will make it? It is not hopeful but maybe.

How is your garden?  Any plants yet?


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  • I love that idea! I just bought some small metal ones for about $1.50 each for my pots but I’mhoping next year to plant the tomatoes in the ground. It’s too bad I don’t have baby blues to bat at my husband. But my sons do. I’m sure I could get them so excited about a building project with their daddy that he will not be able to say no!

    • That would be such a fun father son project!! I hope they can work they magic to get him to start that project!

  • Did he stake the legs into the ground, or are they heavy enough to stand on their own? I got some nice, big and tall metal cages from burpee last year. They are great.

    • He has the legs in the ground about 6 inches, they are pretty sturdy. Hopefully they can hold up to some of the crazy weather we get! Last year we should have gotten bigger ones so since we need new cages anyways I thought these were cool!

  • Jennie will be at the farmers market in town all summer – which is why they need serious tomato cages!! Can’t wait for goodies from her garden!!

    • Yes, we will be up at Kmart at the Farmers Market, starting this weekend! Just lettuce for veggies but should have some yummy baked goods!

  • Love it! Since we are moving, we didn’t get to plant a garden this year…we typically container garden, especially our potatoes and tomatoes, I think this would still work around our container – as long as I can keep our boxer out of it!

  • Cool! We have been harvesting radishes and onions. My Early Girls have green tomatoes (for the last couple weeks!) But don’t tell my neighbors :O

    Love the cages!

  • These are great. I’m heading out to the scrap wood pile! I pulled my first zucchini this morning and have radishes, lettuce, spinach and strawberries so far!