Corinne and Bob Johnson spent their lives together—and this week, the rural Minnesota couple married 68 years proved they intend to spend eternity together, too.

The pair died just 33 hours apart in a final chapter befitting of any classic love story. 

Watch the touching story done by Minneapolis TV station KARE11 below:


Corinne and Bob grew up near St. Peter, MN just a few miles from each other, married as teenagers, and built a simple life centered around seven children and nearly seven decades of marriage. 

The couple lived on their modest dairy farm until just a few months ago, when a cancer diagnosis for Bob and congestive heart failure for Corinne came knocking. 

And no one could have scripted a more perfect ending to their lifelong romance.

Corinne died on November 24th and just 33 hours later, Bob passed away in the same hospital room. He was 88; she 87.

The couple’s son, Brent Johnson, told CNN, “When I asked him what his wishes were if mom passed away, he said he couldn’t imagine life without her. And in the end, he was right.” 

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