He’s there, mama.

He’s there in the disappointment. When you are sitting on the cold tile floor with yet another negative pregnancy test in hand, His arm is wrapped around your shoulder.

He’s there in the heartache. When the Doppler can’t find the heartbeat, His hands are catching your tears.

He’s there in the silence. When you think He’s not listening to the agonizing screams of your heart’s desire, He is quietly waiting with you.

He’s there in the confusion. When you are wondering why is this happening to me?, He knows the answer.

He’s there in the triumph. When your prayer is finally answered, He is celebrating with you.

He’s there in the pain. When you don’t think your body can take one more excruciating moment of pregnancy or labor, He is right there cheering you on.

He’s there in the elation. When you at long last hold His tiny blessing in your arms, His eyes hold the same pride looking at you as yours do looking at them.

He’s there in the exhaustion. When you are up for the 100th time that night, desperate for reprieve, He is up with you.

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He’s there in the loneliness. When your life is consumed by meeting the needs of a tiny person and you wonder if the rest of the world remembers you, He has never left your side or overlooked you.

He’s there in the discouragement. When all you see is your failures, He is lovingly holding your hand.

He’s there in the laughter. When your child’s sense of humor takes off and they make a joke that is actually funny, His chuckle mingles with yours.

He’s there in the guilt. When you wonder if it is all your fault, He is there extending grace.

He’s there in the impatience. When you know you came off harsher than you needed or intended, He is there granting forgiveness.

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He’s there in your weakness. When you question if you are capable of the task He has entrusted to you, He is there offering His strength.

He’s there in the excitement. When you get to experience life’s big moments again through the eyes of your child, He is there beaming at the wonder in their eyes.

He’s there in the mundane. When your days all run together and seem to never end, He is trudging through them beside you.

He’s there in the chaos. When the house needs cleaned, the bills need paid, and errands need ran, He is there whispering, “Peace, be still.”

He’s there in the fear. When the dangers and the heartache of this world seem to be too much, His protective arms are encircled around you.

He’s there in the misunderstanding. When you and your teenager are arguing through differing opinions, He is there to bridge the gap.

He’s there in the pride. When you watch your baby walk across that stage in their cap and gown, He is there applauding them with you.

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He’s there in the emptiness. When your children have ventured into their own lives and you are left with the memories of the time you used to share, He is there reminiscing with you.

He’s there through it all. In every season, through every stage, He will always be there. When you can feel Him all around you or when you feel completely isolated, He is always there. Through every joyful, beautiful, tragic, or difficult moment of motherhood, God is there. Dear mama, never has He left you, never has He forsaken you. No matter where you are, reach out to Him today. He is there.

Brianna Forsman

Brianna is a pastor's wife and stay-at-home mom to a rambunctious toddler and new baby. As a former preschool teacher, she is a Pixar enthusiast, eats way too many Goldfish crackers, and prefers socks with characters on them (generally mismatched because who really has time to pair socks?). She has loved writing for as long as she can remember, and she always strives to write authentic, humorous, and encouraging pieces. Her greatest passion is to write in a way that supports young moms and reminds them they're not alone in the battles and triumphs of this beautiful road of motherhood.