As a mom, I want my children to know and love God more than anything.

So, I sing them all kinds of Gospel songs. I read them different Bible stories. I have even bought them Biblical building blocks and flashcards.

Still, you know what I’ve discovered?

God is the one who has given me probably the most powerful teaching tool.

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It’s unique, it’s personal and it is extremely impactful if I choose to use it.

This tool I’m talking about is my story.

As Christian parents, each one of us has a story of redemption.

Our stories may not be written on the pages of the Bible, but they have the ability to become just as impactful if we open up and share them.

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Yes, it may be uncomfortable. It may be complicated. It may even be pretty messy. But in reality, that’s what makes it beautiful. That’s what makes it real. And that’s how our children will understand that our Savior isn’t just some character in a story that we frequently talk and sing about.

So, yes. In my home, we sing “Jesus Loves Me” every night. We read about Adam and Eve and Noah’s ark.

But as my children get older, I will also share my personal faith journey with them every chance I get.

I will tell them about my poor choices and my dark, sinful past. I will share with them that for a long time I felt lost and I didn’t love Jesus like I should because I wasn’t really sure how. I will tell them about the day I let go and prayed, asking God to transform my life. And I will share with them each and every thing He has done to make me into the person I am today.

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Because THAT is how they are going to relate to God’s truth. Knowing that He has transformed the heart of their own mama, not just the people on the pages of their Bible.

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Lindsay Meier

I am a farm wife, boy mom, and public preschool teacher in central Nebraska. I enjoy quiet walks with Jesus, date nights in the tractor with my husband, and playing in the dirt with my two sons.