I’m so embarrassed when I post these GROSS stories.

But, my feet were EMBARRASSING. Bad.

When my Grandma Dot gave me an interesting bottle of magic potion. She got it from her Yoga instructor. (BTW, check out some of Grandma’s other great tips. She’s always got something new brewing)

Check out these before and afters: 




PicMonkey Collage

I know the lighting is a bit different. But – trust me – the feet are feeling better and looking better.

Here’s the magic potion: 


So – guess what the MAIN ingredient is?

Frankincence – That’s one of the three treasures the three wiseman brought to Jesus. It is totally clear to me now. I had always wondered why it was Gold, Frankincence and Myhrr. Those people wore ONLY sandals. Their feet had to be just as bad as mine were. And this stuff is like magic.

Now, keep in mind that it doesn’t work overnight. These pictures are after about a month and the GROSSness is still not completely gone. But it is so much better. I can’t wait to see them in another month. I’ll keep ya posted!

Here’s the link to buy it.

 (We don’t get any money from this. In fact, the company doesn’t even know I’m writing this. Maybe if get get enough people to click the link, I’ll ask them for a giveaway!!)


PS – For more ways I cure my embarrassing problems – check out my cold sores.  I won’t post a picture here…

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