Growing up, I was a “daddy’s girl”. Just ask anyone who knew me as a young girl: I ADORED my dad.

He was always “Daddy” to me, he gave me all the love that a little girl needed. He loved and respected my mother, and did the same to me.

I was never ashamed to hold his hand in public. Being his helper with projects requiring power tools was my favorite. Along with daddy/daughter trips to Menards, with stops on the way home for ice cream; watching Sunday football games together in the basement; and riding the bus together to high school basketball games as daughter and coach.

I never questioned how worthy I was of love—my dad showed me.

Every boy I ever met, I compared to my dad.

To this day, any time I get to spend with my dad is special. We live many miles away, but the distance between us, and the time that passes doesn’t affect how I feel about my daddy, even as an adult.

He is the first man I ever loved, and I will love him forever. He holds a very special place in my heart, a place that only a father can hold.

The true love of your earthly Father is one of the most important gifts a girl can be given. I don’t take for granted how blessed I am to have such a wonderful daddy.

I prayed my girls would have a father who loved them the way mine loved me. And I can already see the same look in my girls’ eyes when they look at their dad. It’s the way I look at mine. The comfort, protection, and love they get from him is evident. I know that just as I never questioned my worth because of my father’s love, neither will my girls.

What some may view as childish and embarrassing, I see as a wonderful testimony to the man behind the name “Daddy”.

There is no doubt in my mind, they’ll be calling their dad “Daddy” even when they are grown, like me.

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Rachel Granstra

Rachel Granstra, a Jesus follower, farm wife, and twin mama. She was born and raised in northwest Iowa and met the love of her life at age 18, and sealed the deal on her 20th birthday. After struggling with infertility for over 3 years, the good Lord blessed them with their two miracle babies. Her passion to serve the Lord by loving her family is the driving force behind Little House on the Feedlot. If she can just bring one family closer to the Lord and to each other, her mission is a success.