Written by Jennifer Sill.

It is grilling and smoking season at my home. We do BIG smoke outs each month. Pork loin, jalapeno poppers, beer-can chickens, ribs and more. No matter what meat we choose we often smoke some beans. We’ve been told people ‘just can’t go back to beans from the can’ once they’ve tasted our mix. Even people who say they don’t usually like beans tell us they love them. 


4 Cans of pork and beans
1 Cup of your favorite BBQ sauce
1/2 c bacon bits
1/3 c brown sugar
1/2 c ketchup
1 T Chili Powder

Mix everything and place in a disposable aluminum pan without a lid. Place the pan below your meat of choice (or jalapeno poppers if you are making them. This is so the juices drip into the bean pan. Today ours are under some ribs.)  Smoke for 4 hours at about 250 degrees or until your meat is cooked. Stir at least every hour.




Often times we are asked what kind of smoker we have. We have gone through several until my grillin/smokin husband was satisfied. He setteled on the Landman SmokyMountianSeries. A true “Must Have” for our summer season!!


Jen Sill

For nearly 15 years Jennifer spent her time clawing her way up the chain as a television producer and newsroom manager. She's helped create and produce newscasts and talkshows. Just as she was realizing some of her professional goals, she decided to give it all up for a family. Although Jennifer has lived in Miami and L.A., she has always called Nebraska home. She always knew she wanted to raise her children in the Midwest. Jennifer is now trying to find her way in a new world. She may be frenzied and frazzled sometimes, but she would not give up being a mom to her almost four year old and her almost two year old for anything.