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I think it’s safe to safe this adventure is officially a tradition. Each year for the past several (maybe even 4 or 5?) my 3 older sisters, my mother and I take a trip to local greenhouses in the area. Since we all live within a hour of each other (give or take a few minutes) we usually meet somewhere in the middle.

This year our first stop was Country Greenery in Cairo.

We’ve been here before and will probably continue to visit each year. They have a huge selection of unique plants..

Lemon/Lime Tree!!

and incredibly friendly service. They even helped bring our plants out to the cars!

At the end of this stop I purchased these fantastic yellow flowers (to go with the grey and yellow theme in my kitchen) a few tomato plants, cucumber plant and funky colored peppers.

Stop 2 Lewis Greenscape in Grand Island

I’ll admit; by this stop, I was a little bit “over it.” We had just finished our delicious lunch at El Toro and I was full, hot and tired. (Last Saturday was one of the hottest days of the year thus far.)

I didn’t get anything here – but the rest of my family did. It was another great location to search for your own special flowers/gardening items! Prices were comparable to those at our first stop.

Stop 3 Gealy’s Greenhouse in Shelton. 

These guys are known for their “planters to go” baskets. They’re pretty fantastic. Just buy the size you want for your planter at home..

remove the plastic..

and pop into your planter! Voila! My kind of gardening!

I did walk away with one “planter to go” basket; courtesy of my mom. The bummer – Gealy’s doesn’t accept cards; check and cash only. Unfortunately, I had just written the last check in my purse. Fortunately, mom came to the rescue and bought it for me!

Plus, these guys are hooked onto a little cafe called “The Chubby Monkey.”

Seriously! Who doesn’t want to eat at the Chubby Monkey! It was such a fun little restaurant that reminded me of the old Bobcat’s Den in Blue Hill. (Anyone reading this remember that place?! 😉 ) Full report to come!

I highly suggest you check these 3 places out if you’re in the area! We love to buy local and what better way than a trip to a local greenhouse!

Not familiar with those places? We want to know what greenhouses you have found in the area! 

P.S. – If you’re looking for a greenhouse in Kearney, check out Steinbrink Landscaping & Greenhouses. While we didn’t go there this year (yet) – we always purchase our Christmas Tree from them ~ and they are always friendly!

P.P.S. – Be sure to click on the title of each location for their website/address!


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