**This post is written by co-founder, Leslie Means.

My first daughter, Ella was born on August 3, 2008. My second daughter, Gracie was born on July 2, 2010.

Ella will turn 4 this summer, and I’ve never left her side (or Gracie’s) for more than 12 hours.

I know – it’s time to cut the cord Leslie.

This summer, Kyle is going on his first vacation (without me!!) for a few days with a good friend. I’m happy for him – really. I know it’s important to do those things. It’s just…well, I haven’t quite made it there. I’m taking baby steps as I know time away with friends is important. 

Baby steps.

Last Saturday I got one step closer to cutting the cord. My sister’s and mom took our annual “flower/gardening tour” in Central Nebraska. (Look for that post this Saturday!!)  While it’s a day to gather produce and beautiful flowers for our gardens ~ for me it’s mostly about making memories.

For our lunch break, we stopped at El Toro in Grand Island. I developed my love of Mexican food when Kyle and I lived in Houston for a stint and this authentic restaurant did not disappoint!

I ordered a Quesadilla Fajita. Other menus on our table included this glorious taco salad (I love the shell!)

fantastic sopapillas..

and, of course, a drink to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the fam!

I know these trips are important and I’m doing my best to start scheduling a few more. To my long lost friends ~ I’ll find you again someday!! Let’s meet up in Vegas once these “baby steps” have turned into leaps – shall we?! 🙂

El Toro ~ 3425 State Street

Grand Island, NE 68803  (308) 381-2333 ‎

P.S. – There are also numerous El Potrero Mexican Restaurants in the area. Same restaurant – different name. Check them out!!

P.P.S. – To other mom’s – do you go out with your friends? Tell me I’m not the only one who has a hard time leaving them to go out?

P.P.P.S. – Our flower trip ended sooner than I expected. I did want to check out a couple wineries in the area but time ran out. Nebraska has AMAZING wineries throughout the state. Yes, Nebraska. Check them out for yourself at www.nebraskawines.com




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