Ryan and I celebrated our third anniversary on June 25. Three seems so small, so new. It reminds me of a 3-year-old walking wobbly on his lil bow-legged legs. Soon, through (not perfect) practice, he loses his wobble and his legs gain strength. He becomes less awkward, more confident.

We’re thankful for the things we’ve learned the past 1,096 days. For Ryan, he no longer blows his nose in his dirty underwear. He’s now upgraded to Kleenexes. He accepted the presence of wicker in his life (mirror frames, baskets, furniture, etc.). He’s discovered that women shed more than a golden retriever. And he’s learned that it’s NOT funny to sneak up and scare his wife when she’s home alone (he learned this on the third try). As for me, I’ve learned how to brush my teeth the “right” way. I’m much more skilled at recording gas mileage and reading atlases. And I know how to win my husband’s affection and forgiveness: Skittles & Cherry Coke.

The most wonderful thing that we’ve gained since June 25, 2011 is a home. A place we can hang our hats and let our guard down. A place familiar, comfortable, safe. A place we’re welcome and secure. A place we belong. A place to call our own. In a word: HOME. 

Billy Joel’s words in “You’re My Home” say it like our minds know it and our hearts feel it…


When you touch my weary head

And you tell me ev’rything will be alright,

You say use my body for your bed

And my love will keep you warm throughout the night.

Well, I’ll never be a stranger,

And I’ll never be alone.

Wherever we’re together

That’s my home


If I travel all my life

And I never get to stop and settle down,

Long as I have you by my side

There’s a roof above and good walls all around.

You’re my castle, you’re my cabin and my instant pleasure dome.

I need you in my house because

You’re my home


Husband, cheers to a lifetime of learning and a cozy home!


*Photos: Wedding Day (Bachman Farms) & 3rd anniversary celebration (Ghana, Africa)

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Josi Seibert

Josi was born and raised a Nebraska girl. As many Cornhuskers did, she grew up on a farm in a small rural community. Upon graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University, she exchanged cornfields for skyscrapers as she moved to Chicago to attend Moody Theological Seminary. It was there that she met her beloved husband, Ryan, and grew an interest in cross-cultural relationships as she worked with international students, refugee families, and lived in one of the most diverse communities in the country. She and her husband moved to Ghana, West Africa in September 2013 with a team of friends to start a business. In 2015 they resettled back in Chicago to welcome their first child and are currently working with World Relief, helping resettle refugees and find them employment. You're invited to keep in step with them as they live, work, learn and play: http://www.ryanandjosi.blogspot.com/