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How I Broke My Diet Soda Addiction

How I Broke My Diet Soda Addiction www.herviewfromhome.com
Written by Sanae Shea

I was addicted…seriously addicted to Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. I drank it by the gallons, well actually by the 2 Liters. I knew it was terrible for me but I loved the sweet taste and needed the caffeine. I wanted to replace my diet soda and all the horrible chemicals with a new caffeinated drink. Coffee was the perfect choice, a “healthier” choice or at least the lesser of two evils. But I had one big problem. I hated coffee….seriously hated coffee. I couldn’t even eat mocha flavored ice cream or candy. I didn’t even like Tiramisu. So at the ripe old age of 43, I decided to train myself to become a coffee drinker. I was determined to become one of those women wandering around Target sipping their fancy Starbucks drinks looking so cool and Zen.

Step 1 – While out of town at a youth hockey tournament, my friend Kim and fellow hockey mom poured me a cup of coffee from the hotel lobby. She gave me packets of sugar and cream and told me to give it a try. Blah! There was no amount of sugar that was going to get me to drink that. But she didn’t give up. Later that day we found ourselves in a Borders Starbucks. She ordered me a Salted Caramel Mocha. It wasn’t bad. I drank the whole cup. This just might work so I cut the soda cold turkey.

Step 2 – That following week, I went to Target every day sometimes twice a day just to get my Salted Caramel Mocha hit. At $5-$10 a day and thousands of extra calories this was going to become an expensive, waistline expanding new habit. I had to switch to the skinny. That was tough but I got used to it after a few weeks. Meanwhile, I started making flavored coffee at home and adding International Delight creamers. This saved me some pennies and a few calories.

Step 3 – After a year I still could only drink coffee with creamer. My goal was to eliminate the extra calories. So once again I went into training mode. I made a pan of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and poured a cup of my favorite Vanilla Macadamia Nut Kona Coffee and skipped the creamer. One bite of roll followed by one sip of coffee and viola! I was drinking coffee straight up!  After almost a year and a half, I finally consider myself a coffee drinker and I no longer need the pastry chaser or the creamer.


Today’s Challenge – I avoided soda completely for the first two months. After that I allowed myself to indulge every so often while dining out even though I craved it constantly. But lately I have been slowly slipping back into my soda habit mainly because our coffee makers keep dying. We’ve been through three in the last year. After just a few months, they stop brewing a full pot. We think it might be our hard water.

Anyone have tips on how to extend the life of our overly used and abused coffee maker before I end up addicted to soda again?!


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Sanae Shea

Sanae Shea is a girly girl living in a house full of men…1 husband, 3 sons and new puppy named Ted. When she’s not busy with her boys, you’ll find her teaching Zumba Fitness classes at several locations throughout Kearney. She is also a skin care consultant for RX Skin Therapy at USave Pharmacy in Kearney. Learn more about Sanae at www.zumbawithsanae.com.


  • We have gone thru a few coffee makers ourselves. I would say clean it at least once a month. Vinegar helps with the hard water buildup. Then just run a couple pots of plain water thru it. I think they usually have cleaning instructions in the manual that comes with each machine. This has helped extend the life of ours. Hope it helps! Yay coffee! : D

  • Sanae, as you know..I LOVE all things coffee!!!! We have a DēLonghi coffee maker and it had been the best machine hands down! We were just talkinh about it thr othet day, its been used for at least a pot or two a day for almost five years! If you have hard water, you can clean your machine weekly using white vinegar. Just run a few pots of straight water after you’ve run a pot of vinegar through.

  • Thank you for this post! I did this exact same thing but not to drinking black coffee yet. I am down to only half-and-half. My wonderful hubby bought me a Keurig for Mother’s Day last year and it is liike a huge treat everyday to have whatever flavor I want. Dropping the diet pepsi has helped me stay away from other sweets and sugars. I have dropped 30 lbs since then. Good luck with your coffee drinking! Would love to hear your favorite flavors!

    • That is amazing Deanna! Congratulations on your weight loss! You might not want to rely on cinnamon rolls to get you to black coffee after such a big accomplishment! 🙂 I can only drink flavored coffees. I especially love the Kona coffee flavors from Hawaii but really anything caramel flavor works for me.

  • We tried a cleaner and that seemed to help a little but it is still hit or miss. I will try straight vinegar right now to see if that helps. Thank you for the tips!!! This darn post is going to kill me because I bought a bottle of the “crack” for the picture and now I’m drinking it!!! Ugh!!

  • What about using distilled water? That might help the hard water build up.
    P.S. I started drinking coffee about 20 years ago in my early 30’s so I could join my mom and aunts in their afternoon coffee-times. It was like a transition into adulthood!

    • Does distilled water make the coffee taste weird?? It’s so true…there is something very social about drinking coffee. I remember my mom had two girlfriends that came over every night (literally almost every night) after the kids went to bed and drank pots and pots of coffee. I loved listening to them talk. I don’t think women do that anymore. Kinda sad.

  • When you do the white vinegar shut the pot off so the vinegar sets in the machine for about 10 minutes, then turn back on and run several full cycles of water. This is what I do for my husbands coffee pot. Unfortunetly (sp) I don’t drink coffee. It hurts my stomach. 🙁 I am trying to cut out regular pop. I am a Coke aholic. Diet pop gives me a headache and makes me hungry. Unsweetened tea is my help. Hope the vinegar trick works for you.