January is a time for parties, resolutions, opportunities, and excitement of what’s to come in the New Year. A month known for new beginnings couldn’t be truer for me and my handsome husband. The month of January took on a life of its own this year. On January 10th, 2014 we were wed!

We were married in Eustis, Nebraska, far off the beaten path. A place where Wesley and I met, went to High School together and started dating. Yes, we are “high school sweethearts” which is something you don’t hear of much anymore.  Out on the hill on your way into town you will see our old St. John’s Lutheran Church. Getting married in my childhood church, full of detail and beauty, was never a question.  As you roll into town you will notice the sign, “Eustis, Population 401”. Some may cringe at the size, others may understand that being a part of a small community, so warm and inviting, is a wonderful thing.  

Many amazing and successful businesses come from Eustis; Lone Wurst Meat, The Pie Lady, and Wise Cracks to name a few, but one that is very near and dear to my heart is Gleason Photography. What a great couple who are up for anything and have the best eye for catching the perfect moment in time. Gleason Photography is to whom I thank for these and many more, amazing shots. 

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There was no exchange of heartfelt, self-written vows. It was short, sweet, and traditional as Wes and I began a journey of love and learning. The beauty of the candle-lit ceremony and the energy and the reception was all I ever hoped it would be and thanks to some incredible photos, it will be something I never forget.

To view the whole blog full of pictures of our wedding click here!

*An old hidden jewel of Eustis is the main location of the following photos. On the edge of Eustis near a neglected abandoned house is where Gleasons’ found the perfect setting for our wedding day photographs.

Please take the time to leave us a comment! Also check out Gleason Photography on Facebook or on their website to find out what they have to offer and see other great photographs taken by Gleason Photography!

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