I travel for work often, very often. I’m also on my health and fitness journey and I think it might be the most difficult thing ever trying to maintain a certain food plan while on the road. Between long meeting days, airports and being on the go,go, go– it’s hard!

Through my travels I’m come up with some tips that I wanted to share:

  • Water, water, water. If you do nothing else, drink water – lots of it. This will help with the bored snacking and give you an excuse to get up from the meeting and stretch your legs because you will be in the bathroom all day!
  • Don’t be afraid to make food requests. Meeting planners would love to have guidance as it pertains to food. I think most of the time organizers don’t know what to get because they don’t know what people like and so they end up ordering the traditional sandwich platters. I’ve started sharing food recommendations with meeting organizers and they are always welcoming to my requests. What to ask for? Proteins and vegetables. Maybe chicken or beef skewers with veggies/rice, etc. Make your own yogurt bar as opposed to pastries and be sure to offer fruit with those afternoon cookie trays!
  • Don’t let yourself get to hungry. Be sure you have snacks. Things you can pack in your suitcase like protein bars and nuts are protein-packed snacks that aren’t perishable and can travel with you!
  • If you can’t make it to the hotel gym, you could easily do a 30 minute workout in your hotel room. Even a few ab exercises would help! Or if you are staying on a beautiful property – walk around. Get outside! Get your mind off work for just a few minutes at least.
  • Do the best you can. That is all you can do. If your circumstances don’t allow for sticking to your meal plan – oh well. You’ll be back from your work trip soon enough and can get right back on track!

Strive for progress, not perfection.

The Boston Mom

Marissa Sweazy is a working mom of 2 children, AJ (3) and Rosie (1), living in Boston, MA and raising them one day at a time with her husband Austin. While her day job has her at a global communications firm helping large corporations with social and digital work, her free time revolves around as many family activities as possible. She blogs about life with children, being a working mom, health and fitness and just vents about all the things that bother women! Visit her blog at http://thebostonmom.com/