This month, I am turning the big 3-0 and I have to admit that it freaks me out a little. How did I get this old? I swear, I was just a kid! But I’m trying to think positive and embrace it! Here are 30 reasons why this is shaping up to be my best decade yet.

  1. No more searching for Mr. Right. I finally found him.
  2. Speaking of Mr. Right, I will look back on this decade of my life with fond memories of our “early years.”
  3. On that note, date nights. Where will we go, what will we do? (when we actually have a sitter)
  4. Blind dates are a thing of the past! Whoohoo! (although, I do have a blind date in my 20s to thank for reason #1…)
  5. Focusing on family. In my 20s, a lot of my time was spent with friends (which I don’t regret). We made so many great memories! But this decade will be focused on investing in my family.
  6. Watching my son grow. First steps, first words, first day of school. At the end of this decade, I will have a 10-year-old!
  7. More babies? Lord willing, at least one more baby. Two more? Maybe three. (I threw in that last kid just to see if my husband is reading this!).
  8. Reconnecting with my childhood. I’ll spend this decade in sandboxes, running behind bikes, on swing sets, and building forts. Childhood is calling…
  9. Babies in bubble baths, footy pajamas, bedtime stories, cuddles, kisses, and rocking to sleep will be the things my evenings are made of. Who could ask for more?
  10. Coffee. 10 years of sleep deprivation…this will be the decade that coffee and I really grow in our relationship.
  11. Learning to grow in selflessness. My 30s will NOT be all about me.
  12. Continued lessons in learning to trust God in really big ways with things I can’t control (like children…).
  13. New friendships. We’ve recently moved and I’m excited to see how God grows relationships with the new friends that He’s placed in my life.
  14. Family vacations! Memories ahead!
  15. Disney World. I’m feeling more hopeful that this is the decade my dreams will finally come true and I’ll visit that magical place.
  16. I’m now only 20 years away from being eligible for a red hat!
  17. Older and wiser. I’m hopeful that this will be a decade of making smarter decisions because hey, I’ve learned from experience.
  18. A greater sense of myself. I know myself better and I am more comfortable with who I am.
  19. Contentment. I spent a lot of my 20s striving. I finally feel like I’m right where I am meant to be.
  20. I still have dreams and I have the support to chase them (thank you, #1).
  21. I’m less afraid to fail at those dreams. I’ve learned that achievements don’t define me.
  22. I get to explore hobbies that I’m passionate about-like this new writing thing I’m doing.
  23. 10 more years to read some great books (but there won’t be enough time because there never is!).
  24. Experiences in my 20s have led to better perspective. I look back and realize that so many times it felt like my life was over. It wasn’t. May I continue to learn!
  25. My health. Here’s to 10 more years of continuing to improve healthy habits (but in moderation, of course, so I can still eat pizza, bar food and sweets).
  26. I’ve got new running shoes to break in. Not sure how many miles I’ll log this decade but I’m grateful for the ability to try!
  27. Surprises. Life feels settled and predictable but I’ve learned that God likes to do the unexpected. I’m excited to see what He has in store!
  28. There’s so much life left to live!
  29. It might seem like I’m expecting smooth sailing. Except, I’m older now and I know better! Not all of the moments ahead will be happy ones. Hard things will come. Raising kids is not easy. But, God has proven to me so far that He’s always working for my good. I can take another decade of that.
  30. A birthday is a gift in itself. On a day when I was NOT excited about getting older, my good friend, Marie, reminded me that not everyone gets the opportunity to turn 30! We take so much for granted. I get another year to be here with the people I love and for that, I’m going to celebrate!


Shannon Lenz

I am a wife to my best friend, a mama to a sweet boy and baby girl, and a dog mom. My mission is to write words that encourage, comfort, inspire, and draw my readers closer to the Lord. When I'm not writing or chasing after my kids, I'm singing, reading, or cheering on the Huskers. You can read more from me at