Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran to the world of blogging, we all have but one common goal: to write a good blog. But in order for us to really be “good” bloggers, we need a common understanding for the definition of a “good blog.”

We tend to measure “good” by the number of site views, ‘likes’, and shares.

But we’re making one grave mistake here. We’re assuming that “good” means “relatable.” Now I’ve read some very well-written blogs that have gotten some great attention on social media. The blogs that tend to take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to their audience. Like a monthly horoscope in the back of a fashion magazine, these non-offensive posts seem strategically written to adapt to the masses. Which is wonderful if you’re writing for Buzzfeed.

But are these blogs good?

To reference one of my favorite quotes by Jim Valvano… “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.”

In our writing, are we being thought-provoking? Are we challenging our readers? Are we challenging ourselves?

1. Be Offensive
Within reason. You should still be kind, but you should also be real. If you want to bring out your best writing and your strongest voice, you need to write something that you’re passionate about. If your writing is fueled by passion, you’ll receive a passionate response. Sure people might hate what you say, but on the extreme, they will also love it. You’ll create conversation. And isn’t that the point?

2. Be Opinionated
We’ve found ourselves in a society where opinions are only welcomed if they conform to the masses. “If you disagree, then be silent.” But what are we accomplishing when we silence ourselves? Are we contributing to societal progression or regression? I’ve never met anyone who felt that their opinions were wrong. So shouldn’t you want to help others understand what’s right?

3. Be Thick-Skinned
Blogging is all about conversation. If you’re writing a good blog, you’re stirring up a lot of it. You will be criticized, you might be called names. But you will also be praised. Your words can save lives. If you are making people talk, you are a good writer. So do not be discouraged. Keep the conversation.

You might not bring in the most page visits or Facebook shares. But if your words can make someone laugh, think, or cry– well, then, you have something pretty special.

Kiley Shuler

Kiley is a new momma, devout Catholic, servant of Christ, happy wife, and proponent for life. She also drinks entirely way too much coffee and gets tipsy off two glasses of wine.