About 10 years ago, my husband used to travel frequently, and he would often leave notes for me to find around the house. Sometimes they were on the kitchen counter, sometimes they were on my car, other times they were scribbled across the bathroom mirror.

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His notes were different every time, but typically, they were meant to tell me how much he’d miss me when he was away. I would eventually file the notes away, often forgetting what they said, but always appreciating how he made me feel.

This particular time, he left this brown piece of paper on my mirror.

Brown paper love note, color photo

I am sure he didn’t realize at the time just how special this note would be or that it would follow me for years to come. It stayed on my dresser for a few years, and then when we moved to our new house, it moved right along with the dresser. And recently, when I got rid of the dresser, I moved it to a new mirror so I could still read those words often.

Realistically, that’s what words have a tendency to do, right? They follow us.

The words we speak to ourselves can become words we hear day after day. The words we speak to others, or even about others, can often follow them too.

That can be a beautiful thing or sometimes an unfortunate tragedy.

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While my hubby didn’t know this note would mean so much to me, he did know what he was doing at that moment. He knew those were not words I would typically speak about myself, so he said them for me. He was using his words to fill my cup, or more specifically, my mirror.

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Delia Nichole

Delia is an Arizona native, substitute teacher, and Director of The Art of Love. She has been happily married for 11 years and is truly grateful for her role as mom, stepmom, and foster mom! She enjoys hiking, reading, writing, and working on her home.

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